Where in the World Am I Going?

So this weekend, and what might be the first since I have been in the real world, I have a three day weekend. I get the usual Saturday and Sunday off, but Monday of this upcoming week is Memorial Day. This means no school for the kids and no work for the adults. (Why do the adults never get a day off work when the kids are in school?)

And for this Memorial Day I will be leaving town. I will be going somewhere that is so much fun that I can not even tell you about it. I doubt that I will end up where that photo was taken (I might) but I am going to be traveling by car anywhere between two and eight hours from Indianapolis. But where am I going you may ask? I have no stinking clue.

My girlfriend has planned a weekend get away for the two of us. She will not tell me where we are going, what direction it is in, or where are staying. All she has told me was to pack comfy shoes, some casual clothing, and to give her $150. So tomorrow night when we both get off work we will be leaving to go only God knows where (and I am not even sure He knows) on a weekend vacation.

We actually did this once not too long ago over Valentines Day but it was only for a Saturday and a Sunday. We did manage a lot of site seeing and got the chance to visit museums, casinos, and St, Louis’s version of Little Italy, so I can only imagine all that we will do in this three day weekend.

But what really gets me (no honey, I am not mad) is that gRegor knows where we are going. His answer is Weiner Dog Land. And as excited as that would make me to be able to be surrounded by weiner dogs all day long, I have a feeling he is lying. She even told a guy she met for dinner the other night (should I be jealous) where we are going. But she will not tell me anything. The only thing I know is that it takes more than two hours and less than eight to get there.

I just hope that once we do get there she does not tell me to get out of the car and either A. leave me, B. cut my throat and leave me for the wolves (there are wolves within eight hours of here) or 3. get us lost like we did when trying to find the casino. All we have is a bleeping blue dot.

But my mind is open (unless we are camping) and I am ready to see what this weekend will bring me. But I swear to God if we go to another modern art museum like we did in St, Louis she is never planning a trip again.