Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with 3Union

When I first heard about this band I was immediately excited. Passed to me from my boss with the hopes of helping them expand their social media presence I wanted to provide them with all that I could in all facets of the music industry. After sitting with the two that head up the business side of things (it’s the parents and they just let the boys sing) I knew that I had to be a part of them in any way possible. So, after hearing only five tracks from their debut album, which will be coming out this summer, you need to stop what you are doing and to listen to this band immediately. They are truly one of the most talented bands that I have heard, in this genre, in a long long time. I am proud to introduce to you’re the boys from 3Union.

Where did you guys come up with the name 3Union?

(Brandon) We were talking how we don’t want to be like the Jonas brothers. And then Dad said, “How about 3Union?” But we were talking about it and we just didn’t know what to name ourselves and then we got a message from the heavens. One day we looked on our windshield and there was bird poop that made it’s was in the shape of a three. So we decided to just go with the name 3Union.

You guys are also in a family band with your parents. What is like sharing the stage with Mom and Dad?

(Brandon) Mom is really cool. Then there’s Dad. He is special! Mom is a rocking mom because she plays electric guitar. He is kind of lame in that cute, quaint, kind of way.

(Shaun) I think it is cool that we do not fit the profile of the family band. We actually play the good music!

(Brandon) They encourage us to play our own kind of stuff. They like it and that makes it even cooler. And Dad even does a great Bono impersonation.

When did you all realize that you wanted to try 3Union as a side project away from
the folks?

(Ryan) I think it was America’s Got Talent.

(Brandon) We got a call from an acting agency. They were looking for a band like the Jonas Brothers.

(Ryan) There were three bands that were like us and they chose us.

(Brandon) After that we wanted to do something as just us brothers. Why not have two different bands?

(Shaun) We had been thinking about this previous to making the move to just the three of us. A lot of venues would not take us as a family band.People have a prejudice about family bands.

(Brandon) They think RV.

What instruments do you all play?

(Brandon) Ryan plays lead guitar, both electric and acoustic. Shaun Plays the drums. And we all sing. And I play both bass and acoustic guitar. I play a little electric here and there and some keyboard. I guess I do a little bit of everything but drums. I do not have rhythm.

Tell me what it’s been like working with John David Webster.

(Brandon) It has been a really good experience for us. He is definitely a fun person to be around. He makes you feel important and like you are there to have fun. But at the same time he knows how to take it serious. He has just made it a lot of fun. He is there 100%.

(Shaun) It feels like he really interested. It sounds like we want it to sound.

(Brandon) It is scarring, but in a good way. It is like a tattoo, maybe ten days after you have it. It looks really sweet but hopefully it won’t mess you up twenty years from now.

I heard he helped you co-write some of those tunes. Tell me about the song writing process for this album.

(Brandon) He helped give us ideas. He was not going to write the songs for us. He gave us so many ideas. He was really encouraging. He pushed us to write better lyrics. He has helped us become more open to criticism and be willing to share our thoughts and it was a really good experience overall.

(Shaun) We tried writing songs before this; it went nowhere.

(Ryan) We used to sit in the basement and write nothing. We would sit there for hours and nothing would come out.

(Brandon) He was a guiding force.

What was it like getting so far in America’s Got Talent?

(Brandon) It felt like i was living in a dream world. It felt that there was no way this could be happening. But it happened so fast. It seemed like a really good dream. I loved the experience.

(Shaun) – It was not like you see it on TV. I mean that in a good way. It was really cool. It was cool that we were asked to audition. Most people got to wait in the big audition line and we got the VIP treatment. They also paid for our flights to California for the final audition.

What grade are you all in?

Shaun is a junior, Ryan a sophomore and Brandon just graduated.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

(Brandon) I will have to say that Mom and Dad are big influences in our lives. We would not be where we are today without them. They have always been really encouraging. They believed in us when they did not believe in ourselves. Mom believed in us when we thought it was not going to work out. She stuck with it and she had to deal with it all. She had to stick with all this stuff and we are where we are today because of her.

Describe your genre in one word.

(Shaun) Amazing.

(Brandon) I think we will just stick with that.

(Ryan) Alternative rock. That’s two words isn’t it?

Do you consider yourselves a “boy band”?

(Brandon) We can’t dance.

(Shaun) Some people see a boy band like the Backstreet Boys. If that is the case, then no. We do not dance around the stage like clowns pretending to sing. But if it is like the Jonas Brothers, all that we have in common is that there are three of us. So no, I do not consider us a boy band. We are a Boyd Band.

So Brandon, has anyone ever told you that you look like Jesse McCartney?

I have gotten it a couple of times but over seas they talked about how magical my hair was. I got it a lot over seas. That was back in the day when Jesse had hair and was not a rapper.

What is the biggest crowd that you have played for?

(Ryan) Americas Got Talent?

(Brandon) We have had several really big ones. I would say 3,000.

The smallest?

(Brandon) I would say five, or ten. Or maybe four or three?

If you could meet anyone alive or dead who would it be?

(Shaun) (Thinks) It would be cool to meet Winston Churchill. I feel like I should say some big musical artist but I really don’t have anyone.

(Ryan) I would want to meet Eric, oh, I know this guy, I can’t think of his last name. There is really no one that I can really want to meet. The love of my life maybe? (Shaun calls party foul on stealing of his line.)

(Brandon) It’s between Leonidas and CS Lewis. Not the actor, the real person. (Brandon is telling the story of the real Leonidas to his mother.)

You have a very energetic sound on your album. Does that transcend to the stage as well?

(Brandon) Absolutely not. (Laughs)

(Shaun) I defiantly think so. When we first started playing we were bad and we didn’t move around very much. I go crazy when I play the drums.

(Shaun) At least I move. Brandon is alright. He looks like a clown dancing on the stage.

You guys have been all over the world performing music. Where is the coolest place you have played?

(Brandon) American Got Talent. They had a lot of people there and they loved it. It was a surreal experience.

(Ryan) The crowd loved it and the judges not so much.

Where is the one place you never want to play again?

(Ryan) Americas Got Talent. (Laughs)

(Shaun) There is a reason that bands don’t play Americans Got Talent.

(Brandon) They do not even give you a sound check. We totally failed at Sweet Home Alabama.

What are your ambitions for this debut album?

(Brandon) We are hoping that through this album we will be able to maybe influence people and encourage people in some way.

(Ryan) You can tell by the lyrics.

What are your thoughts on Hollywood?

(Brandon) Someday I hope to have my hand print there.

(Ryan) I want my name on one of those stars.

Where do you see yourselves in five years?

(Brandon) On a stage.

(Ryan) On the street.

What do you want to be remembered for when this is all said and done?

(Brandon) I want to be remembered for someone that others could look up to. I would like to be remembered as a positive influence. Someone who is fun to be around but at the same

(Shaun) I want to be someone who changes the way people look at life. Something that is so changing that it reverberates through, and into the future.

(Ryan) Being sarcastic. And my hair.

I always let the artist get the last word. Go.

(Brandon) I just want to encourage people to try new things. Try something outside their comfort zone. If it wasn’t for our mom we would not have the band. We would never have had this. We want to try something new. If you never step outside that little box you will never see the whole world that is out there before you. Don’t give up just because someone says it’s a dumb ideas. We would like to thank Jesus Christ for bringing us to where we are today. Without Him, we would probably just be sitting at home playing video games, wasting our lives, instead of traveling around the world and meeting so many amazing people. So, we would like to take some time to thank God for all He’s given to us.

(Shaun) I want to send a message too our generation. One of our songs is called Wake Up. I want people to do something in their lives. I want people to stop living in that place where people hope and want good things to happen. Don’t let opportunities pass you by. It might bard at first but it is well worth it in the end. It is crazy to think how far as have gone. And it did not just happen in a couple of days and it has taken years and a lot of practice. We have had a lot of tough times.

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