Dinner? Or Dessert?

I like to eat. (Shut up, I am fat, I get that.) But I do not eat the typical fast food chains that we see every day. I do think that fast food chains, like Burger King and McDonald’s do a great job with branding and advertising, but I am not a HUGE fan of their food. The only thing I ever get when I do fall into those places is something on the dollar menu. Like take McDonald’s for example. Sure, I cold spent ten bucks and get a gourmet sandwich and a large fry. But why not spend three bucks, get a double cheeseburger and a chicken breast? I am a baller on a budget, that’s all.

But I do enjoy dessert. I used to not actually. When I was growing up I would grab a cookie here or there, but I was never HUGE into sweets. (Notice that I have now capitalized that twice. Am I trying to compensate for something?) But that has changed over the years. I used to never eat salad and now I can’t think of anything better than some balsamic and spinach! Wine is the same thing. I used to hate wine with a passion, and I would turn it down every chance I got, but now, I love the stuff. I drink reds, whites, and everything in between. And just like a really good beer, I appreciate it. I pair it with meals, desserts (go figure) and cheese. It is truly something I suggest all of you get into if you are not already there. My cousin will appreciate a good glass of wine with you any day!

But the dessert you see up here is actually really cool looking. And while this might be the shortest blog post you will ever see from me, I just wanted to share some hamburger looking cupcakes with you. No matter what is inside of them, though, nothing will compare to the cupcakes that they have at Cold Stone. By the way, Cold Stone is way better than that other place. You know what I am talking about.

So eat up, because if you don’t, well, that just means there is more for me.