That is One Aggressive Toilet

We all do it. Every day. Some more than others. Sometimes we can go days without doing it but eventually we let it loose. Girls claim that they don’t do it, and that would be OK with me if they didn’t. But they do; just in a more private and secretive manner.

We all poop. But what happened to Janifer Bliss, a fifty-three year old, while sitting there loosing weight is not something I think has ever happened. At least on accident. But the other day, while Jennifer was letting loose in a bathroom cubicle she was shot. Sitting right there on the toilet she was shot by a stray bullet. And I am sorry but when I heard this all I could do was laugh. How do you tell your friends and family what happened? “Yeah, I was just sitting there taking a dump and all of a sudden I was shot in the leg. It was the weirdest thing.”

The woman that dropped the gun, a fifty-six year old woman (thank goodness it was a woman, was taking down her pants when the gun she was carrying fell from it’s holster. It landed on the floor, went off, and ended up shooting Jennifer in the leg. Authorities at the scene (I was not at the scene, this is just what I read) say that the woman did in fact have a permit to carry that weapon.

So what does Jennifer do? Does she let it slide? Move on with her life, only having to go through weeks of pain and suffering from being what looks like in the wrong place at the wrong time? Or does she sue the woman that shot her for not protecting her weapon? I mean, to me, it seems likely that the safety was on if it engaged by simply hitting the ground. But then again, if she has a permit, does that make her liable for anything that comes from the barrel of that gun? What would happen if that bullet had killed someone? I bet there would be a lot more talk about law suits if that had been the case.

This then brings up the conversation on whether or not citizens should even be allowed to carry guns. Of course, this women did not do this on purpose. And if she did she was a poor shot. A case like this lets a lot of cats out of their bags but I keep going back to the story that this woman now has. I hope she didn’t forget to wipe when she was finished. Bullet wound or not.