My Round at Revere Golf Club

Just last week I went on a vacation.  I started in Las Vegas, headed to the Grand Canyon, moved to Los Angeles, then to Palm Springs, down to Dana Point, and then back to LA to finish out the trip.  I did a ton of driving on my trip but managed to play some incredible golf courses and see some beautiful sights along the way.  I will, over the next few posts, be telling you about these golf courses and the sights and sounds that I saw.  I will begin today telling you about my round at the Revere Golf Club located just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, in scenic Henderson, Nevada.

The trip started in the Indianapolis airport just after 5:00 PM.  After multiple delays and numerous cups of coffee at the Indianapolis International Airport we managed to finally board about six hours late.  After finally arriving in Las Vegas just after midnight we grabbed the rental car and headed to our hotel to check in for the weekend.  We made our way to our room, ditched the bags, changed clothes, and headed out to the glorious Las Vegas strip.

After walking around and checking out some of the casinos we finally made our way to the poker tables at O’Sheas.  This is one my favorite places to play in Vegas as they have loose slots, beer pong tables, and an almost twenty-four hour happy hour.  With cheap drinks, friendly dealers, and four restaurants that never close in the back of the casino, it truly is a place where everyone wins.

We had been playing all night long when the sun began to peak over the mountains.  It was nearly 6:00 AM and I had an 8:00 tee time.  The course was just over a half an hour away from the hotel, and I needed to take a quick shower before I headed to the golf course.

When I arrived at the golf course it was just after 7:00 AM.  I was ready for a couple of cups of coffee and a snack before I headed out to the course.  When I stepped out of my car I was immediately greeted by an employee of the facility eager to grab my golf clubs and get my golf cart ready.  I headed in, took a seat, and grabbed a view of the Las Vegas strip as I drank my first cup of Joe.

After I finished my second cup I checked in at the front desk and headed to grab my golf cart to warm up for the round.  I was directed under a tunnel to the putting green.  I hit a few short putts, a couple of long ones, and was more excited to be playing this course with incredible mountain views than to practice my putting.  I grabbed my golf balls and headed to the driving range.

On the range I was greeted by the starter and directed to the end of the range.  Here I found a bag full of brand new, or what seemed like brand new, Callaway practice golf balls.  I hit a few wedges, a couple of eight irons, a handful of five irons, a few drivers, and back to the wedge.  After I was loose I headed to the chipping green and hit a few balls here before heading to the first tee.

When I arrived at the first tee three men from Hawaii greeted me.  One currently lived in southern California working for a liquor distributor, and the others held odd jobs on the islands.  Throughout the day they created invaluable conversation and became near friends by the end of the round.  While leaving the last green I actually handed each one of them business cards and was invited to the islands later in the year to play some golf on their home turf.

The golf course was absolutely perfect from tee to green.  The course was long, stretching through multiple housing editions and in and out and over mountains, but with golf carts we managed to make it through the day.  It was hot, hitting nearly 115 degrees around eleven that morning, and with little shade it made it quite difficult, but with water jugs spread throughout the golf course we stayed hydrated if nothing else.

From hole to hole I managed to throw a one over par for the front nine.  I had a few birdie putts, and even an eagle putt after I drove one of the greens, but managed one birdie on the front nine.  I didn’t care and told myself time and time again that no matter what, I had great company and beautiful scenery surrounded me.

I had a few good holes on the back, but with three putts on the back nine, I ended up with a four over par 39.  By the time the day was over I had three chances for eagle, all of which lead to pars.  But again, I could not care less what I shot, for the views and the photos that I got while on this golf course were incredible.

While walking in the clubhouse after my round, I saw scorecards from Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.  They had played the same course that I had played that day.  Granted, they both shot in the 60’s while I threw a near 80, but they had been on the same course as me.  That had not happened since the 2000 PGA Championship when I was a volunteer down at Valhalla in Louisville, Kentucky.  I did not play the course that week but I walked it just as they did.  But this time I had played from the same tee boxes and putted into the same holes as two of the best players on the planet.

The golf course was perfect.  The scenery was glorious.  The company was incredible.  This was a great day of golf, even though I had not slept the night before, and was a great Troon Golf experience.  It was actually my first Troon Golf experience.  But it would not be my last.