Getting to Know Angie Vosmeier

Angie VosmeierTo go along with the recent post that I wrote reviewing my experience at Scotty’s Brewhouse, I took some time to sit with the 96th street location’s kitchen manager.  We sat down after the meal as I wanted to make sure I had topics of conversation for her when we did meet.  I had heard from our server that she was in on her day off and that it might even be past her bed time for us to have this interview, but she was excited to speak with me.  I was excited as well because the food, as you know, was amazing.  If you do not know, please visit the blog post a few days back to read all about my time spent at Scotty’s Brewhouse. During the interview we talked about her work, her education, and what some of her favorite items on the menu are. We also discussed her favorite TV show which just happens to be one of the best shows on television!  Based on what I already knew about Scotty’s, her personality fit exactly what I would expect from any Scotty’s employee.  All me to introduce you to Angie Vosmeier.

How long have you been with Scotty’s Brewhouse?

I have been here for three years.  I have been here since this location opened.  I was hired off the streets.  That is really hard for a manager to come in from the outside.

What is your official title?

I am a kitchen manager.

Where did you work before here?

Where didn’t I work before  here?  I was a baker at Michell’s Fish market.  This was all at the same time.  I was an assistant manager at the café in Lifetime Fitness.  I was also a personal chef for a family in Geist.

Was it a famous family?

Not really.  They work for famous people and have a lot of money.  The mom sits at home with her kids and watched as I would make dinner for them.

What is your favorite television show?

Ace of Cakes.  Or Man vs. Food. My husband and I want to go on a Man vs. Food tour.  Dora the Explorer and Diego is pretty hot in my house right now too.

What is your favorite item on the menu?

Dill chips  That is single thing that got me through my pregnancy.  It is hands down what we are known for.  Everyone tells me that they hate pickles yet they eat those.

Do you write the menu?

I help with it.  It is kind of a collaborative between everyone.  Scott sends it to the corporate kitchen manager and then he will send the ideas to me.  I get these ideas and I have to pick from it and work together.  For instance, Scott wanted a dessert that his dad has suggested.  We made it, he loved it, and now it is on the menu.

I love the fish tacos.

Those are Scott’s baby.  He is set in his ways and that is not leaving the menu.  The kitchen complained about it when we brought those on but it is now one of our best sellers.  They are good.

What kind of music do you listen to?

None of my kitchen guys know this, but I am s huge country fan.  I am not sure what would happen if they knew that about me; I am a closet country fan.  There is a country girl in everyone.  I listen to everything really.  They, in the kitchen, determine what I listen to.

Where did you go to school?

I went to Ivy Tech downtown.  It was the first program in Indianapolis like this.  The Chef’s Academy and the Art Institute came along.  It gets better every year.

Where are you originally from?

I am from Evansville.  That is where I was born and raised.  I moved up here.  All of my friends went to Purdue and I wanted to party with them.  I came up here for two weeks and I never went home.  My mom said I should do something and I did; I went to school.  My mom lived here and it was a free place to stay.  It was close enough to Lafayette and easy to get to and from there and still be home for work the next day.

What is your single favorite food item to prepare?

I do cakes on the side for friends.  I do wedding cakes as well.  I am doing one this week.  I like to bake.  Cake baking is relaxing for some reason.  I am doing a zombie wedding cake, too, so there is a lot of fun in it.  I keep trying to get my husband to do stuff like on Ace of Cakes.  I want to take the things he makes and put cake around it.  I want my own show.  I want to blow a cake up.  People would watch that.

Where you see yourself in five years.

Honestly I would still be here.  I love my job.  It encourages you to grow. They promote within the company.  Lock me in the room with food and to let me create with food.  I see myself here.

I always let the artist get the last word.  Why not you?

I do not have to have a last word. It is Scotty’s.  We take care of our people and take care of our guests.  We surround ourselves with great food, beer, wine, liquor, and all of that produces a great product.  Having an owner that is so much a part of this company; his name is on it for a reason.  He is so involved.  It is nice to know that if I had a family crisis he would be there to help.