Twitter Interview: 1-on-1 with Paul Poteet

Twitter Interview with Paul PoteetI remember growing up always listening to the radio to and from Terre Haute.  We would turn on 99.9 (the country station) or when we were feeling a little bit frisky we would check out 100.9 (the top 40 station).  Radio, over the years, has gone from being nothing but music to being all about everything else.  I challenge you to turn on the radio and see how long you can stomach not changing the station. You will be overwhelmed with commercials, headlines from the front page, and sports scores from last night’s high school football game.  But there is one interruption, if you manage to land on the right station that will keep your attention.  Enter the man with the oh so familiar voice, Mr. Paul Poteet. Why did I mention Terre Haute just a moment ago?  Well, that is where I first heard Paul’s voice.  He was talking about storm clouds and the humidity back then and has moved to a bigger market here in Indianapolis to do the same.  I took the chance to get to know Paul a little bit better not too long ago.  Sit back and learn for yourself who this trusted weatherman actually is.

(For those of you that do not know how Twitter works, messages that start with @paulpoteet are messages from me to the guest.  Messages that start with @rickyleepotts are his responses.  I have set a limit to 140 characters for this interview and all questions and answers must fit in 1 single tweet.  All of the messages you see have not been edited and are exactly as I received them.)

@PaulPoteet So you are a weather man, huh?

@rickyleepotts I’m #Indiana’s Weatherman. No other weather geek is more available on a screen or a speaker across the state.

@rickyleepotts And did I mention I have to be my own Promotional Department also?

@PaulPoteet No, I am not sure you mentioned that.  What are you trying to promote?

@rickyleepotts My content, which I try to make useful, interesting, or entertaining. And my various partners/collaborators.

@PaulPoteet My server at the Fox & Hound in Carmel wants to know if you are single? (Or is there a Mrs. Poteet?)

@rickyleepotts Mrs.P=my longest running partnership. 28 years Dec.12th. She’s my biggest fan. She sometimes ghost writes 4me. We’re in love.

@PaulPoteet Oh, I thought you were dating @smileyRadioShow.  My fault!  Do you like working with Dave and the gang?

@rickyleepotts NOW the interview is getting spicy. David & I hit it off upon the air the very 1st day we worked together. True story.

@PaulPoteet It is actually a TwitterView.  So, let’s not let that happen again!  So, what made you want to become a weather man?

@rickyleepotts I’ll digress 2 caution of the danger of elevating delivery system over content. But I do say PoTweetCAST.So TwitterView’s OK.

@rickyleepotts And to answer: I wanted to be a writer first. THen wanted to be on the radio. Then weather was in there somewhere.

So, @PaulPoteet, @peterhart wanted say hi. He’s a big fan. He also wants to know your thoughts on the recent Tiger Woods accident.

@rickyleepotts Hi Peter. I said earlier this eve that Tiger’s wife should take over security at the White House.

@PaulPoteet Only if she can use his clubs! What is the most challenging thing about being a weatherman?

@rickyleepotts This time of year. Incorrect precipitation forecast are most noticeable when they are shovel-able. Winter. NO question:)

@PaulPoteet I was just talking with @bradenjones and he wanted to know how you determine the high temperature for the day? Farmer’s Almanac?

@rickyleepotts Hey Braden–ZING! A mix of computer modeling and just plain old educated guessing.N the short term models r fairly reliable.

@PaulPoteet Do you ever think about doing the weather naked? (This is for the ladies, of course)

@rickyleepotts If Angela goes first. Or Sam Champion.

@PaulPoteet What is your favorite restaurant in Indianapolis?

Any one that signs up with Paul Poteet’s Gotta Eat Dot Com. (Thanks for the softball.) BTW: I do have to like the place b4 it gets on.)

@PaulPoteet Wow, that website does exist.  Impressive.  What is the last movie you saw?

Anywhere? The Great Escape w/Steve McQueen, et al… I’d never seen it b4, and it was excellent, inspiring, and 4shadowed “Hogan’s Heroes.”

@PaulPoteet So is this your first TwitterView?

@rickyleepotts Yes, and it’s been delightful, but “House” is on now. Good Night, everybody!