Tips on Getting out of a Speeding Ticket

Tips on Getting out of a Speeding TicketAs I knock on wood, I try to remember the last time I was pulled over. It seems to me that I was pulled over a lot during the first few years that I had a driver’s license, but the number has steadily decreased the older I get. I have been pulled over for a wide variety of things including running a stop sign, running a red light, following too close, and the dreaded speeding ticket. I have had my own fair share of speeding tickets. I even had one in Kentucky, for going so fast that I was required to participate in a defensive driving course, along with the massive fine.

How do you get out a speeding ticket if you are caught? Is there a way out? I have heard the old wives tale that girls can get out a speeding ticket easily. All they have to do is start crying and blabbing about something that is causing them to have a bad day and the police officer will then take pity on her. I am not sure if this works, but I have a feeling that if I tried crying during a traffic violation I would be laughed at just before the officer writes the ticket.

Below is a list of some ways you can try to get out of your next speeding ticket. Please note that I do not condone any of these methods, nor do I suggest you go out and get a speeding ticket just to try them. That being said, from the research that I have done, matched with good old-fashioned honesty and good will to man kind, you might find yourself not having to pay these fines.

1. Don’t lie to the police officer.

This is a pretty simple concept, don’t you think? When the police officer pulls you over, you can almost bet the first words to come out of his or her mouth will be, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” Chances are you know what you were doing to get pulled over in the first place, so just admit it. (Also, when you first get pulled over, make a safe move to the right side of the road. From there, turn your car off, activate the emergency flashers on the vehicle, and place your hands on the wheel. This will show the officer that you are not trying for a quick escape, and when he or she arrives at the car will show that you are in fact not a threat.)

2. Do not draw attention to yourself.

This is a no brainer. While driving, try to stay off your cell phone. This is actually becoming a law in some states and will eventually force massive fines if caught on your cell phone while driving. Also, do not have inappropriate things in your car if you can avoid it. For instance, do not carry around cases of alcohol or open containers of booze from last night’s party. If you must carry open containers, try to keep them in the trunk and out of sight to the officer.

Another way you can keep attention away from you is by not driving with the interior light on. I know a lot of people who drive with that on at night, and even people who will have their passenger reading a map or even a book while the other person drives. At night it is very easy to spot these individuals, so try to keep that off as much as possible. Again, anything that you keep attention away from you is a start to not even being noticed in the first place, speeding or not.

3. Know when you keep your mouth shut.

This is an easy one as well. The officer will come to your car with the mentality of speak when spoken to. Do not initiate the conversation and do not try to create small talk with the officer. He or she does not want to know anything about you but rather try to find an excuse to give you a citation. (Police really do live by a monthly quota of how many tickets they must write that month.)

If you are asked a question, look the officer in the eyes and give a short, honest, and brief statement. The more you talk the guiltier you look to the officer. If you do find yourself getting into a conversation with the officer, try to slowly back yourself out of it and apologize for speaking too much and taking their precious time. You might not want to say precious, but you get the picture.

4. Admit guilt to your actions.

When an officer pulls you over know they are trying to either give you a citation or provide feedback to help you not get into this situation in the future. Police will give out warnings, both verbal and written, and at times with just sheer honesty and acceptance of guilt, move you from a ticket to a warning. This is especially certain if you are pulled over at night, in the rain, or if it is cold outside. No police officer wants to stand there and write you a ticket or give you a speech on better driving habits in any o these situations. So, when the police officer asks you what you did wrong, admit to your crime and carry on.

5. Be nice, for the love of God.

No officer wants your attitude. If you had a bad day, forget it for the time being. If you did in fact have a bad day, getting pulled over will obviously not help.  When you are faced with this situation, leave the bad mood behind and try to smile. Try to be gentle and speak to the officer as if they are in charge. In reality, he or she is in charge of whether you pay a fine or not and in some cases, whether you go to jail or not.

Regardless of the excuses that you could give to an officer as to why not to write you a ticket, chances are that he or she will be giving you some sort of violation. If you are lucky enough to get a warning, count your blessings and carry on with your day. If you do get a ticket, know that you deserved it. If you do get a ticket, and feel that you do not in fact deserve it, you can go to court and fight for your wallet to not having to pay for the citation. I have a good friend who actually has gotten out of numerous tickets because of this. The general rule of thumb is that if the police officer does not show up to the court hearing your ticket is simply thrown out. That is what happened with my friend. He has fought numerous tickets and has gotten out of all of them due to that exact reason. So if you get pulled over, suck it up, be nice to the officer, and learn your lesson for the next time you get behind the wheel. Be nice, if might just save you some money!