What do you get a Geek for Valentine’s Day?

What do you buy a Geek for Valentine's Day?If you are lucky enough to be in love, then this time of year is special for you and your significant other. Every year around the middle of February Cupid hits the streets in an effort to bring people together, to make those who already together have an excuse to go out for a nice dinner, and even proves as a way to make for a certain number of you depressed and force even some of the more lonely folks to taking their own lives. (It is no surprise that holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day have the highest suicide rates.)

When it comes to a holiday like this it is hard when thinking about what to buy your lover. Is a nice dinner enough? Should there be gifts? Perhaps a weekend getaway filled with rose petals and champagne. No matter what you chose to do, I am sure she (or he) will love it. But what if your lover is a total geek? I say that in the best possible way, but what if you are in love with someone who writes code for a living? This might prove to be a little more difficult when it comes to purchasing that perfect v-day gift. But you’re in luck! I have compiled a list of gift suggestions that you can purchase for your sweetheart if they are in fact a dork. Again, when I say dork, to these folks that is a compliment.

Internet Chat Pillows

What better ways to tell your girlfriend you love her than by saying it in Unicode? We sit here all day chatting on AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) or iChat (if you are on a Macintosh) and you type the 🙂 and the 😉 to show emotion so why not do that come Valentine’s Day? These pillows are a great way to remind your loved one that you care if even only through an instant message. The cool thing about these pillows is that they come in many shapes and sizes and with many different sets of characters on them. They also produce more than just pillows. You can get coffee cups, shirts, hats, and more with these characters on them. These might be cheesy, but she will appreciate them nonetheless.

Themed Nintendo Wii Remotes

To be considered a true geek you must own a Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Wii is the latest brainchild from Nintendo. The system puts a whole new spin on how you play and interact with a video game. You are forced to get up, move around, and make motions in your living room to allow the characters to make motions on your television. The concept is great, but the game lacks in graphics. I play video games for the realism, so the Wii is just not for me. (Does that mean that I am not a true geek? I play my girlfriend’s Wii all the time!)

So, while your girlfriend sits there and plays with her default white controllers you can go out and surprise her with valentine’s themes remotes. They are just sold in a variety of colors, like baby blue and pink, but she will get the hint. (I want the pink one if anyone is looking to buy me a gift this holiday season.)

Shirts (not just any kind of shirt)

There are websites out there that produce shirts that you cannot help but laugh at. They say stupid things like “More Cowbell” and then have a picture of a cow bell next to it. (If you do not get why that is funny then you are not shopping for a geek this Valentine’s day.) But there are so many other options out there. For instance, the recent viral sensation “Pants on the Ground” is already for sale. These shirts are cheap, filled with conversation starters, and will make for a great filler gift if you are looking for something last minute. Great thing about these is that most websites will deliver overnight practically guaranteeing you get the shirt in time for your big date!)

Photoshop Magnets

I don’t care who you are these things are awesome. I use Adobe Photoshop daily and love the power inside that software. I would actually list this as one of the top five software packages ever released. This program does so much and has so much control over content. Any website you are one, even this one, was designed and developed in Photoshop. Adobe is also known for programs like Illustrator, Flash, and Bridge. They are a true leader in online design and graphic design in general.

These magnets are just cool. They are different things that you would see when working (or playing) in Photoshop. Menu bars, color palettes, and layers are all there. Now you can have Photoshop on your computer and at home on the fridge. As a matter of fact I might just go buy some of these right now.

World of Warcraft Subscription

This is the Mecca of geek, but you need to be prepared for the consequences if you get your sweetie one of these. World of Warcraft, for those of you who might not know, is one of the world’s most addictive video games. It is a PC based game that puts you in a world that someone could only dream of. You build characters, make friends (it really is a social networking platform at its base) and go around trying to survive. There is a points system and you can buy new weapons and better enhancements for your character. I actually have a buddy whose job is to build and sell characters. He will work on characters and sell them for hundreds of dollars at a time.

So, you see there is an interest in this game with your honey. You get them a year subscription. Sure, here, go play. Have fun you say. Well, that is until they have drank three cases of Mountain Dew, eaten a case of Lay’s Potato Chips, and have not slept in three days. This game is truly that addicting. It is fun; don’t get me wrong, but some people that this too serious. So if you decide to buy her this, then realize that you might need to find a new hobby too.

This list is filled with gift ideas for your Valentine’s Day. But please, shop wisely and remember that your girlfriend must be a geek to be able to appreciate any of this. If you go and buy her a World of Warcraft subscription and she really wanted a manicure and a trip to the spa, you might be walking home alone with that gift. So shop wise and keep an eye out for what other geeks around you are excited about. Use Google as a way to help you search for other gift  ideas if you need a little more inspiration. But remember that if you are lucky enough to be in love with a geek, nothing beats a night in with some popcorn and a George Lucas film. Happy Valentine’s Day to each and every one of you!

(Note that I used the expression girlfriend through the majority of this blog. I did that because I was speaking through and to my lady. The same thing applies to the ladies out there, just insert boyfriend where you see the other. Geeks are geeks; they will love them just the same.)