Scotty’s Brewhouse VIP Cards

Why You Need a Scotty's Brewhouse VIP CardAre you important? Are you very important? Are you a VIP? Well, at Scotty’s Brewhouse, you can be. At Scotty’s – whether at the downtown location or the north side location on 96th street – for a small fee, you can begin earning rewards for spending money. You are going to eat there. You are going to be taking advantage of their unbeatable drink specials. Then why not start earning rewards for spending money?

At Scotty’s Brewhouse, you can purchase your very own VIP card. As soon as you purchase this card, you are going to start raking in the benefits. But before we get too far into these benefits that you can take advantage of, allow me to explain that there are two types of VIP cards which you can purchase. First is the VIP Classic Card. This VIP card is only $10 and allows you to begin taking advantage of a great list of benefits. But, if you are a true VIP, a true supporter of local businesses and what Scott Wise and his crew are doing with the Scotty’s Brewhouse name, then you might want to invest in the VIP Gold Card. This card is $25 and allows you to access the same points you will achieve with the classic card, but at a much faster rate.

VIP Classic Card

The VIP Classic Card is only $10 and opens you up for a great list of benefits. Before we get started, know that you can use your VIP Classic Card at the Muncie, Bloomington, West Lafayette, and both Indianapolis locations. Once you visit one of these locations, start eating and drinking at Scotty’s. After your ninth visit using the VIP Classic Card you will receive a $5 credit on your card for food and beverage. Note that you must spend a minimum of $8 per visit on food, beverages, etc.

If you are a Classic Card holder, know that every Tuesday you can come into any of the Scotty’s Brewhouse locations and receive 10% off lunch or dinner. You cannot use this in conjunction with any other offer, but offering 10% one day a week is a great benefit for cardholders.

Now we get into the important stuff, if you will. Rewards points are why you bought this card. There are plenty of places out there that give rewards points for their customer loyalty program, but none quite like Scotty’s Brewhouse. With the Classic Card you will receive one point for every dollar you spend. The more money you spend at Scotty’s, the faster these points will add up. (Keep in mind that the cardholder must pay for the bill and is limited to paying for four guests at a time.)

If you are worried about how many points you have earned, no reason to fear. With the Scotty’s Brewhouse VIP Classic Card you can check your balance online. Here you can see how many points you have accumulated as well as a list of upcoming prizes you can expect to be receiving in the near future.

The fun doesn’t stop there. If you are like me, and hate receiving an endless stream of spam email, then you can relate to this benefit of the customer appreciation card. Yes, you will be automatically signed up for the “Food for Thought” email newsletter. No fear because unless you are sitting there waiting for these emails and watching the screen hoping to not get this newsletter, you can control if you get this message or not. It will be able to be changed in the footer of the website.

Every year we turn one year older. Well, that is OK, because at Scotty’s Brewhouse you are rewarded for turning a year older. Every year, for your birthday, Scotty’s will send you an additional benefit to help you celebrate. These birthday specials are only available for cardholders.

You can do more at Scotty’s Brewhouse than just devour incredible freshly made foods and drink local and regional bottled and draft beers; you can also take part in one of the many events that are put on each month. Things such as beer or wine tastings, clambakes, and beer tappings are just a start to the events you can take part in. And while these events are normally open to the public, you must be a cardholder receive special invitations and early notification of these events. Being the first to know about the events that take place inside those four walls is what I call VIP service.

Note that your card is very important to this program. Lost or stolen cards are not replaced by the team at Scotty’s Brewhouse, These cards are your responsibility and if you lose one, you will have to purchase a new one to continue this rewards program. Now, don’t worry if that does happen, as your points are all transferable. But, the cost of buying a new card might be enough to make you want to hold on tight.

VIP Gold Membership

If you eat out a lot, and are a frequent guest at Scotty’s Brewhouse, then the VIP Gold Card might be for you. The gold membership will cost you a little bit more – $25 to be exact – but basically pays for itself the day you buy it. When you purchase the gold card for $25, you automatically receive a $25 gift card for Scotty’s Brewhouse for your next visit. So, think of this as a free way to pay you back for eating and drinking at the Brewhouse. The only thing that stinks about this benefit is that you cannot use it until your next visit, but it wouldn’t make very much sense allowing you to use it the night you buy it. If they did that, then why not make the card free? And don’t act like you are not going to be back at Scotty’s in a few days anyway.

Now, with the classic card, you get a point for every dollar you spend. If you come into Scotty’s and your tab is $20, then you get 20 points for doing nothing at all. But, with the gold card, you get a little extra. With the gold card, you get 1.5 points for every dollar you spend. This allows you to gain points much faster than with the classic card and in reality costs less than the classic card, since you get that money back for your next visit. It just makes sense to purchase the gold card if you ask me.

The gold card can be used at all the same Scotty’s locations as the classic card. Also, remember that you can only use the card on parties of up to four guests. Also, the card must be presented to be able to receive your points. Also, again like the Classic Card, a lost or stolen card is just that. You will be forced to purchase another card if you lose your card. But, the points will still appear on your account and can be transferred over to the new card upon your next visit.

With the Classic Card, you were rewarded a $5 off coupon on your ninth visit, but with the Gold Card you get a $10 credit after your ninth visit. Also, every Tuesday you get 10% off of your lunch or dinner. However, just like the classic card, this cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offers.

Basically, the gold card has all of the same great benefits, but gives you a few more incentives to visit Scotty’s Brewhouse. With the increased discounts and the $25 gift card on your next visit, it makes perfect sense to purchase the gold card. Of course, the classic is good, still providing you the chance to receive all of the great prizes. Speaking of prizes, what can I earn from this promotion?

Points & Prizes

500 Points – After you hit the 500-point level, you win a Scotty’s t-shirt or a Scotty’s mug!

1,000 Points (Choose 1) – After you reach the 1,000 point level you can pick from a 4-16oz. pint glasses or 2-23oz. pilsner glasses. Or, if the glassware does not interest you, you can also select a $25 gift card to Best Buy.

1,500 Points (Choose 1) – Now the prizes are starting to get serious. Once you reach this level you are rewarded a Scotty’s fleece or a $50 gift certificate. But wait, you can also choose from a Scotty’s sweatshirt or a Scotty’s collared shirt.

2,000 Points (Choose 1) – This reward is for all of the wine drinkers out there. When you reach this level you can choose between one case (twelve bottles) of Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Merlot or one case (twelve bottles) of Kendall Jackson Chardonnay.

2,500 Points (Choose 1) – When you make it this far, Scotty’s is bound to reward you with some great prizes. At this level you will receive either a $100 gift card or two Indiana Pacers tickets. (Twenty-one day notice is required, and you will be given the choice of attending one of three games.)

4,000 Points – If you get this far, Scotty’s Brewhouse will reward you with a brand new iPod Nano.

5,000 Points – Just when you thought the rewards could not get any sweeter, at this level you will win a free round trip airline ticket! (US travel (excludes Hawaii and Alaska) only. Travel must be booked three months in advance through Scotty’s Brewhouse, Inc. upon receiving award redemption certificates, and every prize will take two-four weeks for review, purchase, and delivery. You will be required to leave your name, phone, address, and email address for delivery notification.)

8,000 Points – This is proof that you enjoy the food and drinks at Scotty’s if you make it this far. If you get to 8,000 points get ready to spend two nights in downtown Chicago at the W Hotel. (Black out dates apply for the W Hotel. Restrictions apply. Twenty-one day booking notice required.)

10,000 Points – This is the Mecca of the Scotty’s Brewhouse VIP Card. Get this far and you are headed for a three-night stay at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Blackout dates apply. Restrictions apply. Twenty-one day advance booking notice required.)

The next time you are at your favorite Scotty’s Brewhouse, ask your server about this program. You are going to be saving money, earning points, and will truly be treated like the VIP you are. Scotty’s Brewhouse is giving you a reason to keep coming back, giving you an incredible list of prizes to benefit your loyalty, and is doing it at a low cost to you. The only question left is which VIP are you going to be? Bottoms up everyone!

(Scotty’s Brewhouse Inc. reserves the right to add or withdrawal participating restaurants, to make changes to rules or prizes, audit your account, or terminate the program without advance notice.)