Brad Real & Jason Firebaugh Rise Above

Brad Real & Jason Firebaugh Rise AboveEarlier this year I was sitting there having a conversation with Jason Firebaugh. He and I were chatting about ways to increase interest with my blog, and how to increase interest in his music. I had scheduled an interview with Jason, but we needed, better yet we wanted more. I came up with the idea of having a concert bringing a bunch of local bands together. Was three bands enough? Maybe four or five? Then Jason said let’s do six bands. That sounded like a good idea to me. Before the conversation was over I decided to introduce presents six bands for six bucks. It was a simple concept, really. I would feature six bands that I had worked with (had interviewed) and feature them all on one bill. Jason was a part of that, and I would have had it no other way.

Another local artist I had on the bill was Brad Real. Brad is one of the most talented local rap artists that I have come across. He is also a hard worker, and really knows how to market his work. He is a hustler, that’s for sure. Part of the idea of this show was to not only feature six local acts, but also six different genres. So Jason, being an acoustic singer/songwriter and Brad being a rap artist, it made sense to start the night off like that. Before the night was over, Brad and Jason had met, talked, and decided to stay connected.

Six months later Jason and Brad went into the studio. Out came Rise Above, a track written and produced by both Jason and Brad. The track starts off pretty slow, and Brad introduced himself and Jason. Then the music starts and I’m hooked. This is an instant summertime classic, and features some incredible, raw, original lyrics. That is part of what draws me to Brad. He knows how to not only spit rhymes, but he knows how to write. His is a magician with the pen, and it truly shows in his lyrics.

He is also a blast to watch perform. I think that is why Jason and Brad hit it off so well. Jason knows what he wants, and isn’t going to let anything stand in his way. I actually met Jason at Birdy’s Bar & Grill, home of the presents event.It was him performing to an empty room. I sat in the back, and said to myself, “This kid is going to be big.” That is where stars start. I have stayed closely connected with Jason ever since and would consider him a good friend in this local scene.

I am glad that I was able to bring six bands together for one night of music. But I am also glad that I was able to bring Jason and Brad together so they could produce such a sick track like this. The world premier for this tune is January 3rd, and I appreciate them letting me hear it early. This is a great way to say Happy New Year. Give this track a listen, buy it on iTunes, and make sure you go see these boys live real soon. They are talent you can’t afford to ignore.

One of my favorite lines in this track; “Wish I could say, “Happily ever after,” but each day’s a new chapter.” Every day is truly another chapter and I am stoked to see what is next for both of these talented musicians.