The Green Hornet Falls Short

The Green Hornet Falls ShortEarlier today Sheryl sent me an instant message and asked if I wanted to go see a new movie titled The Green Hornet. I had not heard a thing about this film, but in my new relationship with IndyStyle TV I figured why not; it was free and I didn’t have any plans. I then watched the trailer and figured it would be a decent film at best. It featured Seth Rogan, Jay Chou, and Cameron Diaz and seemed to have a touch of action to it that would at least entertain.

We walked in a little early, some forty-five minutes early to be exact. We grabbed a seat, and prepared to snatch a sneak preview at a new major motion picture. The film is not scheduled to be released until Friday, January 14th, 2011. Thanks to Gofobo we got in to see the film both early and for free.

As of late I have been doing quite a bit of research on new films. I have been working with Mark Dubec and IndyStyle TV as Indy’s Second Opinion on Friday mornings on WISH TV. I don’t get to cover all of the new releases, but I have been able to see some pretty epic films such as the new Harry Potter and Tron: Legacy. This one was not on my list of films to review, but I figured I would give it a try.

The film was being screened at the United Artists Galaxy on 96th street and interstate 69 and began promptly at 7:30 PM. We got there early, like I said, and managed to grab a seat in the back. The ladies sitting behind us were nothing but a distraction, but we managed to make it through the film without too much discomfort. The theater is old; the screens are not even in high definition. Unlike the AMC Theater in Castleton, films just don’t look that great on the big screen at this particular location. But again, it was free, so we couldn’t complain too much.

The film was decent. I don’t know the story of the Green Hornet, but apparently it is an old comic book about a guy who inherits a newspaper (after his father passes away) and wants to change the world by stopping terror in greater LA. He has a sidekick, one that makes great coffee apparently, and they manage to cause quite a stir. He actually begins to piss some people off in the process, and finally begins to confuse everyone working at his paper about the true meaning of the Green Hornet. (The Green Hornet even has business cards, which I think is hilarious. It adds a modern twist to the story, that’s for sure. He even hires a temporary secretary to do research on the Green Hornet. Her job is to not only answer the phone, but also to provide intelligence on what she thinks the Green Hornet will do next. The secretary, played by Cameron Diaz, also has a degree in criminal psychology, which adds a certain level of authenticity to the mix.

The movie is an obvious struggle for Seth Rogen as he tries to be force funny. He has been in a ton of films as of late, and is known for being the witty, intoxicated if not stoned funny man of the group. Granted, he has pulled off this role in some of his films, but he has dropped a few pounds and has taken on this role as his most serious to date. But the film isn’t all that serious, and his character tries to be funny even when he’s not. Call it poor writing or poor acting, this as just not his best work and it shows all the way through the movie.

About 2/3 of the way through I was begging for the film to end. You find yourself just waiting for a conclusion, but it just never lets go. Don’t get me wrong, it has a few good one-liners and a couple of cool special effects, but overall the film lacks in both quality of acting and in it’s obvious storyline. I get it; good guy tries to take on the bad guy, and eventually becomes the bad guy… you have heard this story before. It’s nothing new, the acting is weak, and I would seriously suggest saving to see this film when it comes out on DVD. I look forward to seeing how this does when it is released. I am not sure it will succeed past the opening night, if that.

I am curious your thoughts on the film. Did you see the Green Hornet? Do you remember the Green Hornet from years past?