Let’s Get Married: Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

Let's Get Married: Kim Kardashian & Kris HumphriesKim Kardashian is getting married! Granted, that’s not news. But what I do find interesting is the amount of money that her fiancĂ© spent on her engagement ring. Granted, the guy plays in the NBA… but still, $2 million seems a little bit outrageous for a ring. I don’t care how famous she is… or how hot she is… that’s just silly. Kim will be getting married to Kris Humphries. Kris plays for the New Jersey Nets and actually designed the ring with jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, who is a “longtime Kardashian friend”. (Friend of fan?)

Now let’s get back to the price tag… $2 million? What is the point in spending that much money on a ring? Just because you can? I recently played a round of golf with good friend Mark Dubec, and he said that the more money you make… the more stuff you buy. I like that, and that would be a good problem to have I guess… but what else could they have bought with that $2 million?

When asked about the ring, Kim said, “In high school I went to Macy’s and bought this fake ring, my ‘perfect’ ring, and this is almost the exact same. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It’s perfect.” Of course it’s perfect… it cost $2 million!

Sorry, I will stop obsessing about the ring. I can’t even tell you what she is famous for. According to my co-worker Joel Shutmate, “She’s famous for being famous.” I guess that’s a good enough reason. If you had $2 million, what would you buy? And please… don’t say a wedding ring.