Reach Your Ideal Weight: Slimâ‹…Fast

Reach Your Ideal Weight: Slim⋅FastSo I started a diet this week… Sheryl and I both did, actually. We are going to be doing the Slim⋅Fast diet. Not sure how long I am going to last though. According to my current BMI, I should be eating 2,800 calories a day to maintain my current weight. 2,000 is what I always thought a perfect intake would be, so when I found out I was allowed 800 more… I got excited. Well, with Slim⋅Fast I am allowed 1,200 calories a day.

That’s not very many calories! I actually discovered this diet on accident, just surfing the web for something new. I have tried to eat less, and it has worked to an extent. But I need more. I wasn’t losing the weight fast enough. So I found the Slim⋅Fast diet, and quickly learned that it’s not only a popular diet but it’s also a free program. Other popular programs like Weight Watchers charge you for access to their secrets.

Apparently there are no secrets. It’s about eating more while eating less. So the diet is pretty simple. It’s the 3⋅2⋅1 diet. I am allowed three 100 calorie snacks. Those can be actual Slim⋅Fast snacks, or the 100 calories packs that you can find at any grocery store. Nabisco makes a sweet collection of 100 calories packs, some containing Oreo cookies and shortbread!

I have been eating one of those in the morning for breakfast. I actually have been drinking a 100% fruit and vegetable juice. These are made by V8 and are pretty good. They come in a nice little can and everything. We have them at work, so I grab one before I even open my laptop. Then about halfway through the day I grab another 100 calorie snack pack or Slim⋅Fast bar. I get excited to eat the next item… because trust me, I am hungry ALL day long.

The final 100 calories comes from beer. Most beers are actually over 100 calories, but since Sheryl and I started the 1001 Bottles project, we split those beers. Most beers are less than 200 calories a bottle, so I just consider my daily beer a snack. That also gives me something to look forward to since we do those at night.

After my three 100 calorie snacks, I am allowed two meals. They call them meals… but they are not really meals. They are larger portion sizes, allowing me to eat 200 calories a serving. Slim⋅Fast actually has meal replacement shakes that have done a pretty good job filling me up. If I drink it slow, it can last for about a half hour. After that, I am stuffed.

My other snack can be a meal replacement bar, also from Slimâ‹…Fast, or anything else that is 200 calories. I have been eating two 100 calorie snack packs for the second meal. I wonder why they call it a meal? THAT seems more like a snack to me.

Through all that, I am allowed one 500 calorie meal a day. Now we’re talking. But 500 calories might surprise you… not much food in 500 calories. You can figure out some nicer, larger meals that are under 500 calories. Or you can just use the menu that the online Slim⋅Fast interface gives you. Either way, one meal a day can be up to 500 calories. That will more than likely be replaced by more beer in my book! (I am also hooked on these Archer Farms wraps from Target. They are delicious and are made with turkey and vegetables. Surely those are less than 500 calories!)

When all that is said and done, the only other requirement is to drink a LOT of water. Slimâ‹…Fast suggests you drink 8 glasses of water a day. Good thing we have cold bottled water at work. I can drink those all day long. We also have a filter there, in case we ever run out of bottled water. (If you go to Las Vegas this year, expect to hear, “Bottled water, $1.” There were people selling bottled water all over the strip in Vegas. “Cheapest drink on the strip,” they say.)

They ask you to work out 30 minutes a day… but let’s just start by cutting calories. It will be hard for me to work out 30 minutes a day. I don’t have the time!

I set my goal as January 1st. Not sure what I will lose in the next 7 months, but here’s to trying out a new diet. This is the first time I have tried something that is fun, organized (with the online interface) and with someone to help me through it. She will force me to buy the shakes and snacks, and to drink the bottled water. I did discover several water enhancers though. MiO is incredible, and comes in a ton of different flavors like Berry, Peach, and Sweet Tea. Hopefully those won’t get old on me too fast. Better yet, I hope the diet doesn’t get old too fast.

Subway will be on the menu, as a lot of their sandwiches are lower in calories. But wish me luck as I try to lose some of this wasted weight. Let’s see how much I can drop between now… and whenever I order a slice of pizza! (Actually, three slices of the Hawaiian pizza from Pizza Hut is only 500 calories.)