Guinness World Record for iPad Typing Set

Guinness World Record for iPad Typing SetDo you have an iPad? Have you ever played with one? Have you ever tried typing on it, whether in Notes, in a web browser, or by composing an email? If you have, then you know the typing takes some getting used to. There is an actual keyboard there… but it’s touch screen, so there is no feeling of your fingers actually hitting the keys. You tap it, and move on. It’s actually pretty slick. It’s the same sensation you get as typing on an iPhone, just a much larger device. I type on mine all the time, and I have gotten pretty good at pecking my way to some pretty speedy emails. But just when I thought I was a fast typist, I saw an article on the world’s fastest iPad typist… and he’s 15 years old.

What’s it take to break the record?

So what does it take to break this world record? Typing the alphabet is what sets the record. That’s it… just start typing, beginning with A, and ending with the letter Z. The winner, Eduard Saakashvili, did this in 5.26 seconds. He beat the previous record held by a British teenager named Charlie Joseph McDonnell. Eduard beat the record by 1.05 seconds. (Did you know that Eduard is the son of Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili? I dare you to try and pronounce that… then say it three times real fast!)

Like I said, I type pretty fast… but that is just sick fast. I wonder how fast I can type the alphabet. Think I can beat the record?