Hotels for Dogs: Pet Friendly Accommodations

Hotels for Dogs: Pet Friendly AccommodationsLast year, Sheryl and I had the chance to spend the nigh at Homewood Suites. I was staying for a few nights to write an experience review for my blog. I like to write those any chance I get, and will write them for hotels, restaurants, and more. They are duh for me, and allow me a chance to experience an establishment from an outsider’s point of view. One thing I liked about this particular hotel was their pet policy. Nearly every place you go, they don’t allow animals. But here you could bring your cars and dogs with you. I know what you’re saying… “But Ricky, you hate dogs.” while that might be true, Sheryl has a dog and we needed to bring Sophie along for the weekend.

Traveling with Dogs

There are other places around the world that allow dogs. Below are some of the hot spots that allow you to travel with your pet(s):

The Hotel Palomar – Los Angeles

This hotel is located on Wilshire Boulevard, and is quite nice. Some folks consider this a “top-notch” hotel with some of the best service on the west coast. Here dogs are welcome. But wait, there’s more.

Dogs are not only welcome, but are treated to a comfy dog bed. Dogs are also served some specialty treats as well as one-hour of in-room dog care (think baby sitting for your dog). There are no size restrictions, either. So my friend Seren can bring her Great Dane. (This dog is HUGE.)

The Rittenhouse Hotel – Philadelphia

When you check in here, your dog will be treated to a dog bowl (for water) and a handful of doggie treats. If you are a preferred guest, your dog will get custom dog tags. Talk about service!

Just like at the Hotel Palomar, complimentary dog sitting and even dog walking is available on request. Just swing by the front desk to schedule.

The Inn at Palmetto – Bluffton, South Carolina

This hotel sits on the water of the May River, and features over 22,000 square foot of space on property. The hotel only has 50 rooms, but they are considered cottages rather than the boring hotel rooms you get at most places.

Because it sits on the water, dogs are welcome to go for a swim during your visit. Dogs are also treated to water bowls, custom beds, and homemade dog treats. It’s the little things that matter when it comes to traveling with your pets. (Dogs also receive free bottled water… But I thought that was a bit much.)

The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park

You can’t get a more famous name in a better-known space than this. You will get some pretty stellar views (comes with a price, mind you) and your dogs will live in the lap of luxury. Your pooch will start out by receiving a 22-karat gold ID tag. Custom tags weren’t enough; these are made of gold.

Your dog will also be treated to bone-shaped pillows as well as homemade treats. (I love that concept by the way… Homemade treats. There is a place here in Indy that makes homemade treats for dogs.)

This one takes the cake… Let’s say it’s raining out, as it tends to do in NYC. Well that’s okay, as your dog will be privy to a Burberry raincoat. I can’t even afford Burberry, yet they hand these out like candy.

Please note that dogs are welcome up to 60 pounds.

W Austin – Austin, Texas

This is the newest hotel on the list, as it recently opened. But how can I leave off a hotel with the name W… That’s it, one letter. When you check in here, expect a welcome kit, toys, treats, and more for you and your dog. There is also turn-down service offered… For the dog bed! Man, these dogs are getting the VIP treatment here.

Dogs at the W are not free, as there is a $25 fee per animal. There is also a $100 cleaning fee for your pet. But hey, look at all the things they are offering your best friend. Can’t beat it if you need a hotel where pets are welcome.

There are plenty of other hotels out there that offer deals like this. The hotel we stayed in was an extended stay hotel, and most of those allow you to bring your pet. (I personally wouldn’t travel with a dog, but that’s just me.) Just rest assured that if you do want to travel with your dog, these options exist. I’d always suggest calling to verify all the minor details before booking your trip.

Have you ever traveled with a pet? Where did you stay?