Nice to Meet You: Gavin DeGraw Attacked

Nice to Meet You: Gavin DeGraw AttackedLooks like someone beat up Gavin DeGraw. He was attacked by a “pack of thugs” on the Lower East Side of New York City earlier this week. He suffered a broken nose, several cuts on his face and was left pretty much bleeding. Oh yeah… and he was later hit by a cab. From what I can tell, looks like he had a pretty bad night.

Gavin has been on the road opening up for Train and Maroon 5.

Before he was attacked, he was with a bunch of buddies out drinking and having a good time. He left later that night and was soon attacked by a group of guys. But what gets me is that after he went though all that, and was beaten up… he was hit by a cab! I mean, as if it couldn’t get any worse. Sure, hit me in the face a few times. Kick me while I’m down… but then I get hit by a taxi? There is just nothing good to say about this. I did hear he was released from the hospital today. However he will miss the next three tour stops, at least, while he gets to feeling better. Depending on how bad those cuts are, and how messed up his nose is, he might miss more. That stinks because that would be a killer tour to be on. I am a big fan of the new Train album, and Maroon 5 just gets better with time.

After Gavin was attacked, the thugs fled and he kept walking. He was then hit by a cab! Sorry that I keep going back to this, but why didn’t he call someone? Did no one see him getting beat up? Did no one see him get hit by a car? New York is the city that never sleeps, and surely there were some people around. Unless the thugs stole his cell phone, he could have used that too. (The attack was not a robbery.) I know my good friend Erin is a HUGE Gavin DeGraw fan. I actually first learned about this on her Facebook page. I hope she is coping well, and I am sure is relieved to hear that he is out of the hospital.

To all those Gavin fans out there, stay strong. He will get better. Hopefully he will be back on the road soon. Until then, keep singing and make sure you check out his new single Not Over You.

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