M.O.D returns with “Dub Arcanium Arcandrum”

Method Of Defiance returns with "Dub Arcanium Arcandrum"On October 11, Bill Laswell’s MOD Technologies presents the brand new Method Of Defiance release, “Dub Arcanium Arcandrum”. This new album offers remix and dub style versions of tracks that originally appeared on the 2010 Method Of Defiance albums “Jahbulon” and “Incunabula” and features remixes from Scientist, Prefuse 73, Mad Professor, SubCode, Dr. Israel, MRC Riddims (the production/DJ team of Oktopus (dalek) & MRC (from Ifwhen & All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors),  Perdurabo 6 and Bill Laswell.

In October 2010, Bill Laswell launched his brand new M.O.D. Technologies label with “Jahbulon” the first in a series of three releases from the group Methods Of Defiance –  the collaborative project featuring vocalists Dr. Israel and Hawkman, legendary bassist/producer, Bill Laswell, keyboardist / funkadelic – icon, Bernie Worrell, post-modern / futurist drummer Guy Licata, Toshinori Kondo and DJ Krush. The music is a blend of rock, dub, roots, reggae, dancehall, drum and bass, electronica and reflects the eclectic words from which each Methods Of Defiance artist floats in.

The second of three releases came in the way of “Incunabula” (instrumental versions of “Jahbulon”) while the series closes out with radical new interpretations of the tracks on “Dub Arcanium Arcandrum”. Scientist starts it off with a retouching of the single One World and later reenters with a ganja smoked up Herb is Burnin (dub style, of course), and he tosses a disordered ordered mix at the end to make it all fair. Prefuse 73 pushes his space-age hip hop way in, via the future, with his take on a piece from “Incunabula” (and you thought the original was out). Mad professor stumbles in dubbin’ his butt off. SubCode, a Moroccan remixer we have been chasing for a while, remixes as if his life depended on it, the Hawk track Do or Die.

Dr. Israel remixes two tracks, one of his and one of Hawk’s and this is something we wish he would do more of, the man can remix, damn it. MRC Riddims, the production/DJ team of Oktopus (dalek) and MRC (from Ifwhen & All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors) join in with a reshaping of Elijah’s Lament done all Krooklyn style. Bill Laswell not to be upstaged, contributes two mixes from Incunabula, a dub out and an ambient version of Quantum Echo. Perdurabo 6, via the Basque speaking part of Spain, gives his almost 6 minute take on One World quite pleasant, really.


  1. One World Dub – Scientist
  2. Encode Armour Feed Version 1 – Prefuse 73
  3. Elijah’s Lament Mad Professor Mix – Mad Professor
  4. Do or Die Remix – SubCode
  5. Elijah’s Lament Remix – MRC Riddims
  6. Taykeovah Version – Dr. Israel
  7. Herb 4 – Scientist
  8. Quantum Echo Apparition – Bill Laswell
  9. No Salvation Version – Dr. Israel
  10. Quantum Echo Entombment Dub – Bill Laswell
  11. One World First Claim Version – Perdurabo 6
  12. One World Disorder Dub – Scientist

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