DADA LIFE “Happy Violence” Speaks!

DADA LIFE "Happy Violence" Speaks!DADA LIFE recently released a new vocal version of their hit single Happy Violence. This song was first heard during the record breaking show they performed with Tiësto and the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles earlier this year. This release features remixes from Kaskade, Swanky Tunes, Uppermost and Caveat. There are only seven tracks on this release, but those also include an extended mix and an instrumental of the song. DADA LIFE wanted to showcase their wide range of talents with this compilation. (I personally like the Kaskade mix the best. You can actually watch the exclusive video premiere on

“Happy Violence” is now available now from Beatport and all other DSPS. You can also listen for free on Spotify. (That’s what I did!)

It’s serious business at DADA LIFE HQ as they worked serious overtime to deliver a brand new vocal version of this summer 2011 smash. As you can see from the video – Happy Violence is everyone’s fantasy of what they’d love to do in the workplace. Drop those suits, show those skins and start smashing! That’s Happy Violence for ya! Get down to serious business!

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