Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Sean Tyas

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Sean Tyas

Earlier this year, as we were preparing for Electric Zoo, I started to make my list of DJs I wanted to see. This guy was at the top of that list. But we got in late, and I missed his set. Since then I have been listening to his work and looking for a chance to see him live. I still haven’t seen him live yet, but now he has a new album that will surely mean a tour. The new release is titled “Tytanium Sessions Alpha” and features a ton of tracks both original mixes and remixes alike. He doesn’t use a ton of lyrics, and I like that in a DJ. If you can just let the music tell the story… why do you need lyrics? That is actually what got me started in electronic dance music. The new release features a lot of heavy bass, and is very deep and dark as you progress from one track to the next. Listen to the album… you’ll see what I mean. That’s enough from me, let’s hear from the artist. It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce you to NYC native Sean Tyas.

You have been pretty busy lately with the release of your new album “Tytanium Sessions Alpha”. Speaking of that release, that was on Tytanium Records. I see a theme here. What’s the word “tytanium” mean to you?

Nothing really, it’s just a cute misspelling of a word that sort of sums up what I like: tough material.  I thought it was be a good theme for the show and the label.

I have listened to that album a few times. It’s really solid. Tell me a little bit more about the production of that and your expectations for the release.

Well actually that’s a double-disc mix compilation, not an album (though an actual album is getting to the point of completion). I started this series (there will be a “Beta”soon) to basically give people a really high quality sounding version that’s in the form of something they can have on CD.

You are originally from New York. I had the chance to see you in New York earlier this year at Electric Zoo. What’s it like playing for that many people in your hometown?

Always a pleasure. Even my parents come out to the shows, which is so great for them to see. I get out 2-3 times a year to play there and trust me, I count down the days every time.

You are ranked as one of the top 100 DJs in the DJ Mag Top 100… but I think you should be higher than that. I am actually not that impressed with the top 5 for that  matter. What are your thoughts on the list?

Honestly, I worry that promoters book only based on the list and not on the actual events. I also worry that the clubbers also buy into it and see DJs based on this “ranking”.

Does being in the top 100 get you anything more than bragging rights?

Actually yeah, it’s pretty wild, they send everyone in the top 10 a Range Rover, and everyone else gets a VW Golf.  Nah, just kidding, nothing really.

You are all over the place… you play shows all over the world. Is it possible, with all of the shows you have played, to pick a favorite venue? Better yet… a favorite country?

Very easy; Argentina. Crobar there would be my favorite place to play. SO much different than anywhere else.

What’s your relationship with Integrity Artist Management?

They handle all my bookings, negotiations, gig schedules, and flight itineraries. Lately they have become more involved in my music management as well.

I listen to music all day whether I am at work or in the car, at home or on a plane. I use the Bose noise cancelling headphones. I am sure you are using something I have never heard of! What headphones do you use? Where can someone get a pair of DJ headphones?

On the plane and in travels when I’m doing proper “work” I prefer the KRK KNS8400 headphones. They are relatively new, but sound awesome. When I’m just istening to something on the go like out of my iPhone, I use the Sennheiser CX300 II pair, and when I DJ, currently I’m using Pioneer HDJ-2000s. Anyone can get any of these really at any music store or online. I think the DJ culture is so widespread now it’s so easy to find.

You are crushing it with Facebook and Twitter. How do you find the time to keep those social media sites updated?

I love my iPhone; I’m just always on the thing! It makes keeping up with that flow really simple and efficient.

It seems that nearly every DJ out there has a podcast. You have one that is updated every Tuesday. What’s that process like for you coming up with new material and creating those every week?

The hardest part is just listening to all the promos that come in every day and really trying to stay on top of it. Other than that, I spend every Monday doing the actual show, because it actually goes out every Monday night at 4:00 PM EST / 22:00 CET on

You are constantly on tour. Do you ever get bored being on the road so much? I bet it’s nice to just get home and sleep in your own bed!

I have a family now (recently 2 daughters: 8 month and 2 year old), so I get homesick VERY often. I guess it simply depends if I’m in a city that I know enough people to really keep myself occupied or not.

Your sound is unique… it has a much harder edge to it than most dance music. Where did that come from? Where do you get motivation for a new track?

I think the motivation these days is coming from my thirst to keep learning. If I didn’t learn a thing or two by the time I finish a track, I’m really disappointed. Also, especially lately, I’ve gotten MUCH more diverse for the album work, because I want to push myself to se what I am capable of. I think many people will be surprised at some of what will be on there.

What’s next for Sean Tyas? What does 2012 have in store for you, your beats, and for Tytanium Recordings?

Expect a lot of diversification. If you see a Sean Tyas release coming out, you soon will have no idea what to expect! I feel up until now, one would would know exactly what to expect.

I feel like I could talk to you all day Sean. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down with me. In all of the interviews that I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.

It’s been a pleasure, and no problem at all! Thanks for the questions and take care!