2011 DJ Mag Top 100 DJ Application

2011 DJ Mag Top 100 DJ ApplicationYou can call me a fanboy… that’s fine. I am ALL Apple, and I like it! One thing that I like about my iPhone and iPad are the apps that you can download. Apple has a saying, “There’s an app for that.” It’s true. You name it… from a tip calculator to a language translator, you can download an app for just about anything. Most apps are free, but there are some that cost. Heck, there are some apps I can’t even afford! There are a few apps, used in the medical field, that are hundreds of dollars. Of course, doctors can afford them! Anyway, I don’t pay for apps. Even the app that I helped develop is free.

I don’t usually talk about the apps that I use. No reason… I just never have. But I just downloaded an app that I LOVE. While I was in Arizona last week, on vacation, I was reading an issue of DJ Mag on my iPad. They were advertising their iPhone and iPod app. The ad didn’t mention the iPad. Since I was already using my iPad I went to the app store to see. Sure enough, they had an iPad version. The app is free, so I downloaded it. I didn’t have high expectations, but most of what DJ Mag touches is solid. Well, besides their list of the top 100 DJs. I can say that this year… I am not happy with the list.

Anyway, I downloaded the app and started playing around with it. It’s actually pretty cool. The app lists the top 100, starting at #1 with David Guetta. It ends with Boys Noize, who barely made the list. Boys Noize is actually down 28 spots this year. Speaking of being down 28 spots, the app also shows you whether he or she went up or down. For instance, Boys Noize went down 28 spots this year, while Paul Kalkbrenner went up 22 spots. Orjan Nilsen is new this year. It also states that. So you can get a good sense as to where these artists were last year.

The app also has a photo for each DJ, and a short interview that DJ Mag did with each artist. They ask some pretty simple questions, like “Favorite app?” and “What’s the future of DJing”, but it’s fun to see a more personal side to these guys and gals. (The list is loaded with guys… of course Boy George is on the list… where does he/she/it fall?) Then it has a VERY detailed bio of the DJ, talking mostly on 2011. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to some of these guys… this is the best of the best.

There are ads… and I hate ads. But they are relevant to the scene. The ad I am looking at right now is for trackitdown, an electronic dance music website. Having ads allows DJ Mag to offer this app for free. I wouldn’t pay for it, since I don’t buy apps, so the ads don’t really bother me. Regardless, this is a slick app that is loaded with information on all of the best in the business. Just because I don’t agree with the top doesn’t mean I can’t support DJ Mag and what they do for electronic dance music.

If you are into dance, I highly recommend you download this app. I mean… the app is free. Might as well give it a shot!

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