Pure Michigan Founders Brewing Company

Earlier today, my buddy Jake sent me this video… and I didn’t watch it at first. I was busy, and didn’t have the time. But as soon as I got home, I checked my email to find this video waiting for me… and I love it. I have never been to Founders Brewing Company, but we are headed up there in April. Jake, Sheryl, Eric and I are headed to Michigan to see this brewery, among others, and to drink beer. I might just drink all their beer! I am a BIG fan of Founders; it was neat to learn more about them. I had no idea they made 15 different beers.

Their beers are big. Most of them are pretty high in alcohol, but they all taste great. I like the Double Trouble and the Founders Breakfast Stout the best. I haven’t had the Canadian Breakfast Stout, but I hear it’s even better!

“Make great beer. Hire great people. Listen to awesome music. Have a good time.”

Speaking of beer, Jake and I recently made some. We haven’t even tried it yet, but from what Jake says it smells amazing. We made it at his place, and I think he is holding it hostage. We call it our “baby”. It’s weird, but the beer will be amazing when it’s ready. It was fun to brew with him, and before we brewed it we decided to make a rye. We are actually copying the Founders Red’s Rye recipe, but we added our own little touch. We named the beer The Hop Sandwich on Rye IPA. Get it?

Anyway, this video was cool, and I can’t wait to get up there and see this brewery in action. I might just try all 15! A flight… not a pint.