Scuba Diving in Cabo San Lucas & La Paz

Scuba Diving in Cabo San Lucas & La PazI’ve got the itch. I have the itch to dive. I went on a dive trip last fall, but that was in September! I am ready to dive again. They warned us about this from the beginning… if you dive, you will either love it or hate it. If you love it, it will be the only thing you will want to do. Well… it is! I hate that I want to dive so much, because it’s winter and I live in the Midwest. It’s cold, and there isn’t much water around here. Sure, there are places to dive. But nothing like the ocean. I got certified a little over a year ago, and have already been to Aruba and the Bahamas with a trip planned for June to Cabo San Lucas. We actually got a Groupon for that trip. Besides saving money on our hotel room, it will be our first resort experience. We tend to stay in the locally owned places, since we are rarely in our room. I don’t plan on being in the room much on this trip either… I hope to be on a boat, or under water petting sharks!

When we leave, we will head south to Cabo San Lucas. Our hotel is sweet, and is on one of the only swimming beaches in Cabo. The water there is rough, and you can’t get in the water on most beaches. We will be staying at the Casa Dorada, and plan to take full advantage of the resort. We get some champagne service with our room, as well as some meals if I remember correctly. I plan on playing some golf down there too. Since we are staying in Cabo, it makes sense that I play the Cabo San Lucas Country Club! While we are down there, I also want to see La Paz. La Paz is just a couple hours north, and offers better diving. They usually have whale sharks there, and while the sharks won’t be there when we are, the water will be better and the fish will be plenty. I can’t wait! I hope to play some golf there too. Perhaps we will just get up early, I will play golf, grab lunch, and dive in the afternoon. That sounds fun! I wonder if they have public transportation from Cabo to La Paz… renting a car in Mexico might be a challenge.

At any rate, we are stoked for our trip. I know it’s a few months away, but that will be our first vacation of the year. I will be in Orlando later this month for the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show, but that’s work related… no fun on business trips. I have been chomping at the bit to get wet. I might fly down to Key Largo for a weekend; we’ll see. But writing this, and looking at pictures of the water helps. Or does it? Yeah… it does. I can’t wait for the trip, and I am stoked to be swimming with the fishes! Let’s get wet people.