Caddy Tales: All Walks of Life with Scott Werner

Caddy Tales: All Walks of Life with Scott Werner

I’ve never actually met this guy, but we are connected on Twitter. As a matter of fact, a few days ago he posted something on Twitter about his YouTube channel. I went over, watched a few of the videos, and subscribed to the channel. Then he sent me a message on Twitter asking me if I wanted a signed copy of his book. Heck yeah I do! He sent me the book, and I read the entire thing in one sitting. Yeah, it’s that good. I reached out to him for an interview because I was SO impressed with the book I just had to learn more about this guy. I also love his writing style. If you haven’t ready Caddy Tales, do. You don’t even have to like golf to appreciate this book. We have only been connected for a few days, but it’s my pleasure to introduce the man on the bag, Scott Werner.

You’re an author… is Caddy Tales your first book?

Yes, Caddy Tales is my first book. It was released on Amazon in paperback on December 17, 2011 and released as an ebook on January 17, 2012.

I have, and will spell it “caddie”. Is “caddie” wrong? Are they both right? Help me understand!

Ricky, you are correct. It is spelled caddie. When we were discussing the title we asked why did the movie Caddy Shack spell it differently? We ran some Internet algorithms and found that caddy was used as a search more than caddie by a ratio of 4-1. And since it worked for Bill Murray, why not us?

I started a book, but never finished it. I want to though. How long did it take you to write this?

I started writing Caddy Tales in May of 2011 and finished October 30th. Sometimes I would work for 3 hours on the book and sometime 2 minutes because I had writer’s block.

Is it Scott or Scotty?

When you first meet me people usually call me Scott. If I am lucky enough to become your friend that’s when it changes to Scotty. However my mom still calls me Scott unless I did something to make her angry. Then it’s “Scott Michael”. When I hear this… I hide.

What is the publishing process like? I wouldn’t even know where a process like that begins.

The publishing process was easier than I thought. My friend Scott Connor (don’t ever call him Scotty) introduced me to a blog that pointed me in the direction of self publishing. After I finished writing the book, my friend Matt uploaded the file to a program that we could deliver to CreateSpace. Matt had to do some work on the formatting because I was still using the 1987 version of Word Perfect. We took a picture for the cover and sent it away. They returned the file to us in a book format and we read thru it and made some edits. 2 more edits and we went live on December 17th. Out of pocket cost to publish the first book… $99 bucks.

Why do people call you “The Squirrel”?

Why do people call me the Squirrel? Ricky, I believe that will be a good story for the future.

Matthew Bakowicz wrote the forward. Who is Matthew and how do you know him?

Who is Matthew Bakowicz? In a word, Matt is a genius. Period. Plain and simple. Matt and I met a few years ago when he came to work at East Hampton Golf Club for the summer. He came to us via Penn State. They have a fantastic PGM program and we are fortunate to have them as a partner. With Matt’s help and guidance we have created Werner Bakowicz Global Partners. We are a golf industry think tank.

Have you ever had a caddie? I bet that would be weird!

I have had many caddies over the years. As a matter of fact I have had 3,598. For the past 10 years I have been training caddies all over the world. Some of the stories I could tell you would knock your socks off. Wait, is that the next book?

Do you like the term “man on the bag”?

The term “man on the bag” should be changed to “on the bag”.

What is a “loop”?

We address this and many other caddie terms in our weekly video series. A loop is the term for the job a caddie does for the day. So by carrying a bag around the golf course for 18 holes is a loop.

Do caddies make a lot of money? Let’s start with what the golf course pays you… how much do you make on a normal business day? Do you get paid more for weekends and holidays? Do you get to keep all of the tips or does some of that go back to the club?

Caddies, as with any other profession, have the opportunity to earn a good living. I will break the pay down for all of your readers so they can decide. First there are 2 different types of caddie categories. Bag carrying and fore caddying . The basic difference between the 2 is this: if you are bag carrying you are toting the player(s) bag around all day. If you are fore caddying you are out in front of your players all day because they are in golf carts. Both still calculate yardage, take care of course maintenance and read putts.

When a group takes a fore caddie, they are usually charged 20-25 dollars per player. The caddie usually gets 10-11 of that fee. The course or the company that provides the caddie gets the rest. The recommended gratuity for the caddie is $25 and up depending on the level of service. So if a fore caddie gets three players, they receive $30 in fees plus $75 tip.

If you are carrying a bag the fee is approximately $60 per player of which the caddie usually gets $45. The recommended gratuity is $40 and up depending on the level of service. So a caddie that is carrying two bags for 18 holes would receive $90 in fees plus a minimum of $ $80 in tips.

In Caddy Tales, you talk about a man named Mr. Napa. Napa is known for wine. Are you a wine drinker, or do you prefer beer? I’m a beer guy… so answer this one very carefully!

You are a beer guy. I respect that. I tried many different beers but I just don’t like the taste. And trust me it is not from a lack of effort. I have a big sweet tooth that is why I prefer wine or some mixed drinks that have a little lemonade in them.

Do billionaires tip more than millionaires?

Ricky, millionaires and billionaires tip as differently as you and I. I believe that they have a “spidey” sense that enables them to tell the difference between good service and spectacular service. And they tip according to the level of service they received.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you as a caddie? I am talking a new caddie tale here… take me above and beyond the book.

An embarrassing moment… Here you go. I was caddying for a group of ladies in Orlando about 4 years ago. This was a fore caddie loop. After the 3rd hole we started to really have fun together. They were laughing and having a good time. They wanted to know how good of a green reader I was. I said I could hold my own. So for the rest of the day they asked me to read every putt. I thought I did a pretty good job. After all, as I left each green, they were smiling and laughing. On the last hole, Rachel asked me to read one last putt. I squatted down, eyed it up, told her where to hit it and it went right in the hole. We high dived each other and they said thank you for an entertaining day. Then as I signed out and left the office my manager said to come in his office. He said what size uniform is that? I told him it was a medium. He reached into the closet and gave me another one. I said, ” what is this for?”  He said, “you need a new one. That one is split from end to end.” I had been caddying for the ladies all day with a hole in my pants the size of a dinner plate!  That’s why they were asking me to bend down all day.

How are Maryland crab cakes different than… well, crab cakes?

Maryland crab cakes are different than any other because they don’t have any filler in them. Just lump back fin crabmeat and some Old Bay Seasoning. Yummy.

Have you ever been stiffed? I was a server, so I know all about that!

I have been stiffed a handful of times. However one of the times that I was stiffed turned out to be an amazing story. That one I just had to put in Caddy Tales.

I have never heard of The Strip House in New York City. But I want to go. The next time I am in NYC, can we grab dinner? Granted… I know you live in Florida, but it seems you have means of getting to the Big Apple!

The Strip House is a great place for dinner. The food is spectacular and the atmosphere is amazing. I would enjoy meeting you there anytime. Please remember it takes me 3 hours to get there. I don’t have access to the Augusta 119 chopper. That was a once in a lifetime experience. Unless Caddy Tales sells 1,000,000 copies… then I will send the chopper for you!

Speaking of NYC, what golf course do Benny and Barry own?

Benny and Barry along with a few others own East Hampton Golf Club. I have traveled the world and played a lot of golf in the last decade. What makes East Hampton Golf Club special is the ownership and all of the individual’s that work there. You will not find a more caring group of people in the world.

What is the weirdest request you have ever received from a player? Sure, “read this putt” or, “what is my yardage”… but anything weird?

We are an all walking course at EHGC, so we carry the players bag. No carts. A lady was playing as a guest this morning and she brought her dog. I carried her bag on one shoulder and her dog on the other. It was not hard because the dog only weighed 4 pounds. But it was weird.

You use a lot of analogies in the book. I like it. I actually love your writing style. Do you write a blog? If not… you should!

I do write a blog Ricky. I am very new at this so I thought I might give a daily update for a year so people can track the progress of Caddy Tales. I use Tumblr.

399. Did the guy even have fun shooting 399? THIS is why I play “winter rules”!

The guest that shot a 399 had as much fun as the pro shooting a course record of 65. At the end of the day, its usually never about the score, just the memories.

You’re a caddie… but do you play? If so, are you any good?

I do play a little golf in my spare time. EHGC gives us some awesome privileges to play during the week days. I can’t hit the ball a long way, maybe 230 max. However if I am your partner in a scramble an we are coming in from 100 yards, welcome to “Birdie Town USA”. That is my home town from 100 yards!

I am sure you get asked this all of the time… but what is the biggest tip you have ever received?

The biggest tip ever… Let me share a story about my friend Johnny Mac who caddies at Pebble Beach. He was asked the same thing from one of his players. Johnny told the player what his largest tip was and the gentleman said he would double it on one condition. That being if anyone asked who gave you the largest tip you would always tell them my name. Johnny of course agreed. Last year Johnny got a call while we were training at Pebble Beach. It was an unknown number but Johnny answered. The man asked if this was Johnny, he said yes. Then the man asked, “Who gave you the largest tip ever?” Johnny replied with a name from last season. And who do you think the man on the phone was playing golf with when the call was made… You guessed it.

Caddy Tales wasn’t that long… is there a Caddy Tales 2 in the works?

Depending on the success of Caddy Tales there might just be a Caddy Tales 2, The Sequel.

Do you watch golf on TV? Who is your favorite player?

I do enjoy watching golf on TV. However, most of my loops are on Saturday and Sunday so I don’t get to watch Rory as much as I would like. I believe he has a bright future.

What would you be doing if you were not a caddie?

If I’m not caddying, I am working on my professional speaking career. I would like to travel the country and give motivational speeches to large audiences. I feel that I can help companies inspire and motivate their employees and take the company to the next level.

Have you ever witnessed a hole-in-one?

I have witnessed a hole-in -ne. I was caddying for a gentleman named Greg C. He is also mentoring me with the speaking career. It was at EHGC on the 4th hole. 192 yard shot to a flag tucked in the back left corner of the green. He hit a hybrid and it never left the flag. It carried the bunker, landed like a butterfly with sore feet, and rolled 3 feet into the cup. We still talk about it every time we get to that tee box together.

Your YouTube channel is great. What are your plans with the videos?

Thanks for subscribing to our YouTube channel. Our plans are to create a library of videos that anyone can access to help them in the golf industry. We would like to be the company that comes to mind when you need anything in the golf industry. Be it sponsorship, consulting, or anything having to do with a caddie. We feel we have the knowledge, expertise and connections to solve any challenge you may have. Basically we are building a brand name. We want you to know us, then like us, then trust us. After that we feel we can ask for your business.

There are four majors on the PGA TOUR. Which is your favorite?

Of the 4 majors, I like the Masters the best. The history is amazing. And yes that is still on my bucket list to go. I have to find a way to ask my boss for that week off.

How did you get connected with Monster Energy Drink?

I’m not connected with Monster yet. I have always liked the Monster KHAOS energy drink and I believe you should support the products that you like. I’m certain as soon as the YouTube channel has as many views as you have followers on Twitter, they will be knocking down my door.

Scott, you are a riot. The next time I am in Florida, let’s grab dinner. I’ll buy!

I would enjoy having dinner with you anytime Ricky. And thanks for the last word.

I could ask you questions all day Scott. I can’t thank you enough for your time. In all of the interviews I have done, I always give the artist the last word. I consider a caddie an artist. Go.

Playing golf with a professional caddie is a wonderful experience. You will have memories to share with your family and friends for a lifetime. Wouldn’t you like to get your father a round of golf for Father’s Day that included a caddie? How about a caddie for someone as a birthday present? Golf courses don’t need to hire an entire staff to have access to a professional caddie. There are 10,000 professional caddies in the U.S. looking to deliver this spectacular service. We would like to introduce them to your guests one at a time.

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