Dental Health & Sensitive Teeth

Dental Health & Sensitive Teeth

My teeth have been REALLY sensitive lately. The other day, I tried to figure out what was causing it, so I went to Google. I found thousands of reasons, but the article that grabbed my attention was one on WebMD. They had a list of 10 reasons as to what might be causing my sensitive teeth. I looked through them and nearly all of them applied to me.

For those of you who know me personally, you know I hate going to the dentist. The last time I went in for a cleaning, I walked out with receding gums, potential cavities, and impacted wisdom teeth. I already knew my wisdom teeth were impacted, but the other stuff seemed unnecessary. I brush my teeth every day, sometimes twice a day, and use mouthwash in the morning, afternoon (after lunch) and before bed. Anyway, let’s go through the list here and I will explain how and why these all apply to me.

Using Too Much Mouthwash

Yeah, I do that. I know I do that. I just told you I do that! I use a pretty intense mouthwash in the morning, after I get out of the shower. I also brush my teeth in the shower, and while some of you think that’s weird it just saves me time. Anyway, the stuff I use in the morning is pretty intense and I oftentimes have to spit because it burns so good.

When I get to work, I usually eat an orange and a Clif bar for breakfast. Then I will have one or two cups of coffee throughout the day and grab lunch. After I eat, I always use mouthwash. It freshens my breath, and also cleans out anything that was hanging out in there all morning.

Before bed, I use a whitening mouthwash. It sends my mouth to bed clean, and I let the whitening work it’s magic while I sleep. Apparently that is too much mouthwash.

Eating Acidic Foods

A few weeks ago I started a new diet. That includes a ton of fresh fruit including but not limited to oranges. Not those big oranges, but the small sweet Clementines. They are SO good. Anyway, they are loaded with acid… and apparently that is bad for your mouth. I thought oranges were good for you. Oh well. They are good and I am not going to stop eating them.

Other foods that contain a ton of acid include tomatoes (which I get on my SUBWAY sandwich three or four times a week). Things like this freak me out because they are such a part of my daily routine and my diet. These acids can cause sensitive teeth by destroying enamel.

Tooth Whitening & Whitening Toothpaste

The last time I went to the dentist, I had my teeth whitened. It didn’t work. So I complained, and they did it again. So in a matter of weeks I had my teeth cleaned, and whitened… twice. Then they gave me some whitening gel that I used a tube of. Oh, and I use whitening toothpaste. So yeah, this one makes a ton of sense. The whitening process is NOT enjoyable. It’s long, painful, and not something I recommend. Figure out another way to white your teeth. You’re welcome.

Speaking of toothpaste, what kind do you use?

Receding Gums

Like I said, the last time I was at the dentist they told me I had this. I can see it when I smile in the mirror. Basically the roots of your teeth contain thousands of these tiny tubes that lead to the nerve center of your teeth. I am not sure what causes this, but there really isn’t anything I can do about it. Maybe I should find a new dentist and ask him or her.

Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard

Oh I KNOW I do this. When I get in there, I go to town. I probably brush for too long too. I get going, and just keep brushing. I am sure they are clean, but if I just brush for a few more seconds… So this one totally applies to me. I bet I brush, depending on what kind of morning I am having, for three to five minutes!

Recent Dental Work

It’s not recent… not that recent anyway. But it had been a few years since I had been. They say you are supposed to go to the dentist every six months, but I don’t have dental insurance so that gets expensive. But when I went, they were in my mouth for a while scratching and digging around. So maybe that is why my teeth are sensitive.

Cracked Teeth

I have no idea if I have cracked teeth, but that would explain it. I am not sure, outside of asking my dentist, how I would ever know. These can be buried deep in your teeth, so even if I had them I might never know. Well, besides for the fact I have sensitive teeth!

Grinding or Clenching Your Teeth

When I was younger, my mom always said I used to grind my teeth when I sleep. I am 28 years old and I am still doing it. But I have no idea, past a mouth guard, how to stop doing it. I don’t know it’s going on… I am asleep! But that can also cause sensitive teeth. I also started working out, and when I am really getting into it I grind/grit my teeth a lot. Just a habit of working too hard I guess!

Tooth Decay

I would think that as much as I brush my teeth, I am not suffering from this. But it’s possible. Let me guess… ask my dentist.

The last tip was Be Good to Your Mouth. Well, yeah. I am trying. But me brushing too hard and using too much mouthwash might be what is causing my teeth to be sensitive. I guess I will just slow down, stop brushing so hard, and focus on the amount of mouthwash I use. I am not sure what else to do. That, or find a dentist that I like who will help me get back to a perfect mouth.

Do you have sensitive teeth? Any idea what causes it?