SexyTime Debut Album on False Idol Musik

SexyTime Debut Album on False Idol Musik

MiMOSA and Sleepyhead, the two artists behind the new collaboration cheekily entitled SexyTime, are no naive kids. These two friends have both been through long and winding journeys, brimming with experiences that have lead them to this time and place. A moment when the forces of their creative voices have combined to bring forth something fresh and innovative.

Both MiMOSA and Sleepyhead bring not only the maturity of seasoning with them, but also the sense of rhythm and intonation that is unique to each artist. This is no heavy hitting dancefloor album full of banging club beats. It is deeper, more meaningful, dripping with class and soul; with layers of sound intertwining impeccably. Its atmospheric energy employs mostly original samples, with synthesizer heavy modulation and spacey textures.

The blurry, dream-like quality of SexyTime is a surreal meander into the experiences of youth. The girls, the parties, the music, and most importantly what you take away from it when you wake up in them morning. The marked lack of aggressive basslines and obvious drops is a clear nod to the more ambient musical qualities that evoke sentiment in all of us. These more mellow tendencies are even soothing, reminding us of the healing power of music.

Their sound brings to mind a thousand different things and simultaneously nothing at all, instantly transporting you to a place inside yourself where raw feeling becomes melody. It is a recognition of something you instantly know, but cannot define.

SexyTime will be playing a record release event in April, as well as announcing further tour dates. Stay tuned for more information.