The Crystal Lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar

The Crystal Lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar

I love to swim. That is why I I got into scuba diving. I am just comfortable in the water. I love getting in and relaxing, as well as diving below the surface to see the life that is swimming around on our ocean floors. I haven’t been much more than 100 foot deep… but I can imagine what is down there.

Last night I was lying in bed, and I read an article on the Huffington Post about San Alfonso del Mar. This is a private resort in Algarrobo, Chile. Chile isn’t the first place I would want to visit, but that was until I  saw The Crystal Lagoon, the biggest swimming pool in the world. They actually have the Guinness world record for the largest and the deepest swimming pool in the world.

The pool has been open since 2006. Folks can come, frolic in the shallow, or grab scuba gear and head to the deep end. The pool is 115 foot deep out there. Imagine the dive training they can do… Like I said, this is the deepest pool in the world. The pool itself is 3/5 mile long and covers an area of 19 acres. That is HUGE. Think about that for a second… the pool holds 66 million gallons of seawater. That is absurd. Pictures of this place are just insane!

The pool, developed by Chilean company Crystal Lagoons (hence the name) used water pumped, filtered and treated from the Pacific Ocean to supply the pool. The ocean isn’t far… but with a pool this big, do you really need the ocean?

I was just blown away by the size of this thing. I rarely go to the pool when we are on vacation, but this one might be worth the trip. There are boats in this pool. Boats! Oh, the pool costs $4 million in annual maintenance. I have an extra week of vacation this year… maybe I will go scuba diving in Chile. In the pool… forget the ocean!