Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Being Cool Is Lonely

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Being Cool Is Lonely

A couple of weeks ago I picked up an issue of the Phoenix New Times. I love their website, but every week they put out a magazine that is available all over the Valley. It’s like NUVO back in Indianapolis, only WAY better. I was flipping through the issue and saw an article titled “Track 10”. It featured 10 local bands that were worth checking out this summer. I saw names like Sareena Dominguez and Glass Popcorn and started sending out emails to these bands on Facebook. I have since confirmed an interview with Sareena. I will be attending her CD release party and doing the interview that night. I also landed an interview with Being Cool Is Lonely. Not only do I LOVE the name, but their sound is incredible. Their sound is deep chill and can literally put you in a state of trance while you listen. I guess that is where the name trance came from. I was so impressed with them, I just had to introduce myself. We have all connected on Facebook as well, and it is my pleasure to introduce you to Being Cool Is Lonely.

Is being cool really lonely? Where did the name come from?

Being cool is only lonely YES! The name has secret meaning.

You guys are from Phoenix. I just moved to the Valley. What is the worst part about living in Arizona?

There is no ocean and the summer heat.

You have a very unique sound. I am having a hard time classifying it.

We are open to suggestions…

I love your sound. I could turn this stuff on, forget about it, and never skip to the next track. I know it’s electronic, but is there a better genre to describe it?

We call it nu-disco/electronica.

I am pretty much obsessed with electronic dance music. Do you listen to a lot of house music to get inspiration for this stuff?

House music is not so much of an inspiration but we do enjoy house music.

Who writes all of your lyrics?

We both do.

Tiffe, you’re a fashion designer. How does one become a fashion designer?

Just start sketching/creating.

What is the live music scene like here in Phoenix?

It’s eclectic and people should get out to more shows and support live music as much as possible.

What is your favorite club in the Valley?

Friday nights at Bar Smith “Sticky Fingers”.

I LOVE your new single. Where did the name Bones + Boots come from?

The lyrics.

What value do you guys see in SoundCloud?

It’s an awesome free hosting site for bands and musicians allowing people to listen/download their music. It’s also a great networking tool.

Keith, are you really from Ireland?

Yes, I am from Ireland. Dublin to be exact.

Keith, you are a drummer. Do you think that is the hardest instrument to play?

Drumming came pretty easy to me… so I say, “No.”

Where do you guys practice?

We are not currently practicing for live shows at the moment. It’s all studio right now. We record in Phoenix.

I want to see you guys live. Where can I see you perform?

We haven’t played live yet we will later in the year and we hope you can make it.

You have a couple of remixes. What makes a DJ want to remix a track?

If they like it and feel they can make something awesome from it.

What’s the best concert you have ever been to?

Tiffe: Chemical Brothers at the Web Theater in Phoenix.

Keith : NIN in Dublin.

I LOVE that picture of you guys standing on the side of a mountain looking out at the stars. Is that really you? If so, what mountain is that?

That is indeed us on Papago Mountain.

I first found out about you guys in the Phoenix New Times. Did you get a lot of exposure from that feature?

Yes, we did. It was great exposure and has introduced Being Cool Is Lonely to lots of people.

April 21st was record story day. Did you buy any records?

Yeah, we bought quite a few old and new ones. We also saw a lot of live music at Stinkweeds and Revolver Records.

Tell me about your relationship with Songs For Film & T.V.

Songs For Film & T.V. are trying to get our music into movies.

Who does all of your graphic design work?


What does it mean being an “elektraonic romatik”?

Romantic electronic music.

You guys were featured in Java Magazine. How did you manage that?

Robert (editor) contacted us and wanted to write about us.

How do you guys know Andy Rourke?

We met him through a mutual friend. Andy is awesome!

What’s next for Being Cool Is Lonely?

We want to release more music and continue to be as creative as possible.

Guys, I could ask you questions all day long. I can’t thank you enough for doing this. In all of the interviews I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.

Follow your dreams and love one another.

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