Sander van Doorn Leaves Nothing Inside

Sander van Doorn Leaves Nothing Inside

The song reverberates with emotion thanks to singer Mayaeni’s thick like molasses, poetic deliverance of darkness and heartbreak from her up-close and personal perspective. With lyrics penned by Mayaeni and Justin Parker, the man behind the worldwide hit single Video Games by Lana del Rey, Nothing Inside may just turn out to be 2012’s biggest anthem.

Nothing Inside starts off as a sweeping instrumental full of symphonic hues and a dramatic orchestra of stings that wash over like a sweet lullaby. With its warm bass-line rising and the piano melody teasing the drop, the anticipation for what’s to come feels like every childhood Christmas morning, times ten. And then it comes. Mayaeni breathes life into the song with her profound, gritty and strikingly poignant vocals that transform this dance track into Sander van Doorn’s magnum opus.

Nothing Insde now out on Beatport.

Some notable pre-release accomplishments:

  • #1 position in the Cool Cuts chart
  • #1 in the DMC UK Buzz Chart
  • Premiered by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1