Nothing gets people together like Spreecast.

Nothing gets people together like Spreecast.

Until today, I had no idea what Spreecast is. My buddy Drew Larison was posting about it on Twitter, so I clicked to see what it was. Apparently he has his own channel and every Monday he hosts a discussion about the state of social media. The title of his series is called The State of Social Media and he talks about news stories that he found interesting throughout the week relating to social media and social media marketing. I watched maybe 10 minutes of one, and was very impressed with the concept.

Before long, he asked if I could join the conversation, and while I was at work a little later than he was, I jumped on when I was finished. His show starts every Monday night at 6:30 PM EST (I am now on MST, so I was a little late) and usually runs about an hour. This was week 5, and I am honored that he asked me to be a part of the conversation.

The cool thing about Spreecast is not only can you communicate with individuals via video chat, but also an actual chat within the site. So I am sitting here looking at the news stories we are trying to discuss, looking at the camera making sure I am making digital eye contact, and trying to respond to the chat. It was a workout, that’s for sure! But it was fun, and we talked about several topics including:

     • CNN and Facebook merging during the upcoming elections
     • Automating tweets and sharing news stories online (also discussed Jason Falls and the relationship that he and I have)
     • Social media causing anxiety
     • Amazon employee stealing 700 iPods
     • Angry Birds and growing success of the game

It was fun, and I hope to be invited back in the future.

Social Sharing & Archived Footage

One thing that I like about Spreecast is that it arvhices the videos. As soon as you have completed an episode, you can go back and watch the episide again and share it on your social media sites. If you are just watching an episode you can also share a link to the live spreecast. (Not sure I like the name, but apparently this is a pretty successful concept thus far.) You can click here to watch The State of Social Media Week 5, featuring yours truly!

I also like the social integration with Facebook and the Facebook comments. This is a lot like Google+ Hangouts, but you don’t need a Google+ account to use it. You can login via Facebook or Twitter, or create an account. My good friend John just left Facebook, and while he still uses Twitter, I am sure there are people out there not using either one of these social services.

This concept seems like a great way to have visual conversations, and I can see myself having client meetings, or just creating my own program where I discuss things that are going on in the world around me. That was my first experience with it, but I can’t wait to use it again soon!