Good Night: Hotels in South America

Good Night: Hotels in South America

My good friend Jake Long recently traveled to Brazil. Not Brazil, Indiana but Brazil… the country. I have never been to South America, but I have been close. My family owns a home in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua and I have been down there to visit several times. I have a feeling most of South America is the same… hot, filled with mosquitoes, and offering up some of the best scenery on planet Earth.

With Jake leaving, I decided to look into hotels and resorts down there. Not in Brazil, per say, but in South America in general. I found five hotels I wanted to touch on, including hotels in Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. I did find one hotel in Brazil that I wanted to mention. Consider it an homage to Jake! (Hurry home, buddy!)

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile • Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa
Relax at the Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa in the eye-popping beauty of the Atacama Desert. Here you can explore the region’s sand dunes, geysers, flamingo-populated salt flats and hot springs. (How cool would that be… a flamingo in the wild!) You can soak up at the hotel’s living room-like ambiance while you sip a pisco sour poolside. What’s a pisco sour you ask?

You might not like a pisco sour… it’s a cocktail containing pisco, lemon or lime juice, egg whites, simple syrup, and bitters. Pisco is a strong, colorless grape brandy that comes from Ica Region in Peru. It was named after clay pots.

Anyway, You can also take advantage o the Uma Spa before you head back to your room.

Parana, Brazil • Hotel das Cataratas
This hotel is right near Iguana Falls, and is a luxe, colonial-styled hotel situated within a 700-square-mile Iguana National Park. I told you it was close to the waterfall! If you stay here, try to book a Cataratas Suite for a view of the falls. There is also an 18-hole golf course and a spa.

Not interested in a day at the spa? That’s okay. You can also rent an ATV and tour the jungle! (There is a lot of unique wildlife in Nicaragua… I can only imagine what they have in Brazil.

Bueno Aires, Argentina  Algodon Mansion
This place is right in the head of the city’s Recoleta neighborhood. There are actually only 10 suites in this boutique-styled property, but the views are amazing. There is a rooftop pool and bar where you can sip on cocktails or swim. Don’t stop there… they also offer massages poolside. There is also a restaurant there. It’s called Chez Nous, and it looks fancy!

Jose Ignacio, Uruguay  Playa Vik
This place sits just 10 miles from the jet-set-chic Punta del Este. Punta del Este offers some of the world’s best architecture and offers visitors stunning views of the coastline. The hotel actually sits on a ton of property; property you can get lost on. Don’t worry, this land is private. So is the garden. (I am not a big fan of gardens.)

They also have a swimming pool, and offer horseback riding through their sister property Etancia Vik. Since I am deathly afraid of horses, I will just stay by the pool! They also have some private polo grounds, in case you want to take in a game.

Lima, Peru  Westin Lime Hotel & Convention Center
This hotel is brand new. I have stayed in a few Westin properties before, and they are some nice hotels. This one was actually designed by the famous architectural firm Arquitectonica. They are from New York. The place is packed with chic rooms and great views of the San Isirdo. That’s the financial district.

That is a collection of some of the best places to stay in South America. Have you stayed at any of these hotels? I can’t wait to visit all of these countries and more. (That’s on my bucket list you know… to visit every country in the world.)