DJ Mag Announced the launch of Faceless Recordings

DJ Mag Announced the launch of Faceless Recordings

DJ Mag recently announced the launch of Faceless Recordings. The first single from the new label is called “Left Your Love,” and is a deep house track with some powerful songwriting and unforgettable vocals. Those vocals are compliments of Yasmine Azaiez, another name I wasn’t familiar with until this release. This first single is from the Mexico duo Climbers, a fresh face in electronic dance music. They are also leading the charge with this new label, and used this single as an excuse to release this track. I’m glad they did, because this track is legit.

Climbers featuring Yasmine Azaiez – Left Your Love

The single came out with a slew of remixes from other label heads Silky and Barber, plus a healthy dance floor rework from Frankie Knuckles. Knuckles is originally from the Windy City, and has been vital in the resurgence of house music in Chicago.

DJ Mag has shown a lot of interest in this new track, and is giving away the Silky and Barber remix exclusively on DJ Mag commented on the remix saying, “Echoing the original vocals over a brooding bassline hook, it’s ghostly but very playable slice of pitch-black tech-house.” Don’t forget… It’s FREE.

Faceless Recordings is on a roll having launched a regular residency at the Rhythm Factory in London with Jonny Cruz. Cruz kicked things off a couple of weeks ago, and is a fresh face for dance in a legendary venue. They are also giving fans a chance to witness this live, also for free. You can get guest list access by simply emailing “FACELESS” to Thanks DJ Mag!