Milkwish Forthcoming French Romance EP

Music trends are changing, production software and hardware are being constantly improved, which means that any attentive producer can take the most advantageous things out of all that changes and evolve his style. We present you brand-new-old Milkwish who already managed to establish himself as one of those producers you can be sure of, that they never disappoint.

Some facts? His tracks have been picked up by labels like Universal, Tiger Records, Nervous, Sony, including support from big players like Roger Sanchez, StoneBridge, ATFC, Olav Basoski among others. With this brand new EP of Milkwish we are going public with his romance with vibes of French electronic dance music (we hope he has some romances with women as well) spiced with a few pinches of indie/nu disco genre and a handful of electro house as an addition. All that coming out via brand new Electrocity label. Set up and running by same people responsible for the very unique Electrocity Festival in Poland. Let it roll!

Milkwish French Romance EP

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