A State of Trance with Armin van Buuren

A State of Trance at Marquee Las Vegas

I have been craving a weekend getaway, and now that we live in Arizona, Sin City isn’t too far away. Sheryl emailed on Wednesday that Armin van Buuren was going to be at Marquee Las Vegas. We left on Friday after work for a weekend filled with dance music. Not only was Armin at Marquee on Friday night, Kaskade was at the dayclub on Saturday. Needless to say, we were prepared for an epic weekend.

Armin is our favorite DJ and we have seen him several times. The last time we saw him was in Chicago, but I really like Marquee, and have seen several big names there. I like hanging out in The Library upstairs. It is a little bit quieter, and not as crowded as the dance floor. When we got to Marquee, we headed straight to The Library, ordered a couple of drinks and waited for Armin to take the stage. He didn’t go on until after 1:00 AM, but we were in Las Vegas… What else is there to do? Oh, dinner… We did leave the club before Armin went on. Sheryl wanted pizza, and there is a secret pizza place right outside the club called Secret Pizza. Hence the name!

After dinner, we headed back to The Library. There is a ping pong table up there, and what do we see? Jason Strauss, co-owner and co-founder of Strategic Group, playing a little table tennis. Jason is also involved with several other ventures including Tao Las Vegas, LAVO (Las Vegas and New York City), and more. He is the definition of an entrepreneur. Wait a second… Who is he playing with? Armin! Nice to see Armin relaxed before he took the stage.

Marquee Las Vegas: The Library

We left The Library and headed to the dance floor. A few minutes later, the lights went down and Armin appeared. “Are you ready for a state of trance?” I had never heard him say that live… That alone made the trip worthwhile.

“Armin always puts on a great show, but seeing him at Marquee was something special. The room is small, and the staff is unforgettable. There are so many different rooms, too. It is easy to get lost and spend hours dancing the night away,” said Sheryl Hugill, dance music fan and Armin supporter. “This might be the best show I have seen yet.”

Armin is a legend. That’s all there is to it. To see him play at one of the most popular dance clubs in the world was a treat. Armin is currently on tour and is doing Armin Only | Intense shows all over the globe. If you get a chance, go see him. You won’t be sorry. So… Are you ready for a state of trance?

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