Total Discovery: Total Wine & More's Free Rewards Program

Total Discovery: Total Wine & More’s Free Rewards Program

A few weeks ago I was at Total Wine & More. That’s nothing new. I shop there quite frequently, and you can find me there pretty much every Wednesday after work buying all the new beers. Last week, while checking out, the cashier asked me, “Are you a member of our rewards program?”

Nope! But I was intrigued. I asked more about it and signed up with my telephone number. I gave my email address, too, in hopes of even more discounts and special offers. Sure enough, within a few days, I received an email from Total Wine explaining more about the program.

Te program is called Total Discovery, and rewards frequent shoppers. When I was checking out, the cashier handed me a brochure explaining more about the program. There are three levels to this Total Discovery program.

Select 0-4,999 points per year
At this level, you receive exclusive offers, whatever that means, personalized product recommendations* and easy access to your past purchases and shopping lists*. I’ll probably be stuck at this level for a while, but can see myself reaching the next level within a few months.

Reserve 5,000- 24,999
This levels gets you all of the above, and invitations to Total Discovery events. Wen I worked at Total Wine, they were always hosting wine events… Hopefully some of these events will be beer events, too. You also receive product upgrade coupons. Not sure how that will affect me, but I’m excited to learn more… Assuming I reach that level later this year. The next level is where things get interesting.

Grand Reserve 25,000 or more points per year
Not sure I’ll hit this level anytime soon, but challenge accepted. With this level you get consultations by appointment and priority notifications on limited-release products. For beer, more than wine, I wonder who these consultations would be with… But hey, I’m willing to find out. It would be fun to schedule one just to see what is discussed. I wonder if anyone has already reached Grand Reserve status yet…

They make joining Total Discovery easy… All you need is a phone number and email address. You can also join on your mobile device by visiting

The first time I was informed of this program, I was told it was valid only on Winery Direct and Spirits Direct products. I rarely buy spirits and I never buy wine, yet I get monthly reminders of my spend level. According to the brochure, you get 15 points on Winery Direct/Spirits Direct items and 10 points per dollar on all other eligible items. Guess that explains it!

Granted, some restrictions apply. But this is a new program that will encourage me to spend more at Total Wine. Maybe one day I’ll reach Grand Reserve status! Visit to learn more. Cheers!

*Coming soon