Tritonal Remain Untouchable

Tritonal Remain Untouchable

The last time I interviewed Tritonal was in an alley behind a club in Old Town Scottsdale. The club was called Axis-Radius and it was our introduction to dance music in the Valley. The club has since closed, but there are still plenty of places to see a show around town. Since that interview these guys have released a ton of stuff and are currently on tour with Cash Cash. In an effort to promote that tour, I decided to interview them again. I’m a big fan, love their podcast, and have nothing but good things to say about these guys. I am pumped to be sitting here with Chad and Dave once again. Without further adieu, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Tritonal.

The last time I interviewed you guys was outside a nightclub in Old Town Scottsdale. A lot has changed since then. What is new with Tritonal?
(Chad) Ha! I remember that. A lot has changed. We’ve had the biggest records of our career since then. “Untouchable” is now at about 12 million streams on Spotify, which is amazing, to be honest, it makes our 5th consecutive Top 10 Billboard Dance Chart record! We’ve been writing our next artist album and are lining up singles now. We’re currently on the biggest tour of our career, playing almost 50 shows across North America!

You guys are hitting the road with Cash Cash for a massive tour. What can fans expect from the Untouchable Tour 2015 this fall/winter?
(Dave) Well, new music for one, we’ve just written almost 40 new songs! We’re cutting it down and testing new stuff, so much new music! We’re also bringing our full show on the road, a massive LED wall and dope sync’d visuals for every track. In addition, Cash Cash and us are doing a back to back set every night.

Speaking of “Untouchable,” that is the name of a recent collaboration you did with Cash Cash. Did that idea inspire the tour, or vice versa?
(Chad) We named the tour after the single. Always music first…

I’m a big fan of Tritonia. Episode 103 recently went live. Congratulations on 100 episodes. How has the podcast changed over the years and what direction do you see for the next 100 episodes?
(Dave) We’ve always played fresh music that we love, that’s for one. That hasn’t ever changed, and never will. In terms of styles, they change over time. That’s the nature of music. We’re enjoying the ride!

As previously mentioned, You recently collaborated with Cash Cash on “Untouchable” but you also recently collaborated with The Chainsmokers on “Until You Were Gone.” Walk me through a collaboration, start to finish, and what that is like, as a DJ, working with another DJ on a single track. Collaborations have always intrigued me.
(Chad) Each one is different because you’re working with different people. For Cash Cash, they sent us a melody starter idea, we took that idea to LA and got into some writing sessions and wrote the top line. We then went back and forth on the sound design nailing the drop, the breakdowns and the builds. It was truly a collaborative process from every angle. With The Chainsmokers, it was flipped. We sent them a melody idea, and then they replied with a vocal they had on hand. We then rewrote the progression to that vocal and started the collaboration of sound design, etc. Also dope working with those dudes, they’re such fun guys!

Halloween is coming up. Looks like you have a pretty epic night planned this year. What is Freaky Deaky and do you get nervous sharing the stage with guys like Armin van Buuren and Benny Benassi?
(Chad) Ha! Hell no! They’re just guys, and guys we’ve known for some time. They’re not Aliens… We’ve been playing with Armin van Buuren for a minute, going back to A State of Trance 550 and a few festivals. Both guys are friends, and very down to earth. Will be great to catch up and see how their kids are growing up.

As you might remember, I always give the artist the last word. Go.
(Chad) Shout out to the Tritonians who keep showing up to our shows, downloading our music and loving us! You guys are THE REASON we’re able to keep this dream alive, we fucking LOVE YOU!

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