Belô Petroleum: The Great Discovery

Belô Petroleum: The Great Discovery

The other day I bought a bottle of Belô Petroleum, a Brazilian imperial stout from Wäls Cervejaria. We don’t see a ton of Brazilian beers on the shelf here in Arizona, but Allen got a case and said it had good reviews. For $7.99, I was willing to give it a chance.

The beer is corked, and I read some folks talking about the cork being hard to remove from the bottle. It wasn’t, but the beer was flat. No head whatsoever. The beer is, however, black as night and has a really roasty nose. I am getting a ton of coffee, too. On the palate I am getting a more coffee and a nice cocoa flavor. The finish lingers, and those same coffee notes turn to a slight dark bitterness that leaves me wanting more. This beer will also warm up nice, and I am excited to see what this tastes like at room temperature.

The bottle has a cool label, and talks about the beer on the back. It says,

Named from latin, Petrus (Rock) + Oleum (Oil), Petroleum is the Brazilian crude oil in form of beer. Dark, rich and complex as the name says, this beer is loaded with cocoa chocolate and coffee aromas. Roasty notes and bready yeast. Velvety and smooth mouth feel, with a light carbonation. Slightly hoppy balance with high alcohol. Discover it with us.

This beer comes in at 11%, but you would never know it. It is quite smooth, finishes well, and is really easy to drink. Allen, thank you for procuring a case of this. I hope others are lucky enough to enjoy this beer, and I look forward to trying more beers from Wäls Cervejaria. Saude!