Don Chelada Michelada: Bring the Fiesta to Your Beer!

Don Chelada Michelada: Bring the Fiesta to Your Beer!

Once upon a time Sheryl and I had a beer blog. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the blog is no more. We still have a Facebook page and an Instagram account, but we haven’t written a blog in ages. We don’t post that much on Facebook and Instagram, either. But a few weeks ago I got a message on Facebook from Don Chelada. They asked if they could send us some samples to review. A few days later a large box arrived filled with three different flavors (Original, Lemon Lime and Spicy) and two bottles of their liquid mix. I was excited to try them all.

Before I started drinking, I wanted to learn more about Don Chelada. I also didn’t know what Michelada was. According to their website, “A Michelada is a type of ‘Cerveza Preparada’ (prepared beer), a traditional Mexican beverage that mixes assorted spices, peppers, lemon and lime, with beer. Don Chelada is the leader and innovator of the Michelada prepared cup market and uses only the freshest ingredients for its spicy Mega Rim that lasts for two beers!” Neat! I didn’t have any light beers in the fridge, so I headed to the liquor store and grabbed a few bottles of lager.

When I got home, I opened a cup of the Original Flavor and found a packet of seasoning inside. There are instructions on the cup and I blended everything together to produce a tall frothy glass of beer. Below are my thoughts on all four variants:

Original: Off the bat, the flavor is intense, but it hides the flavor of the beer. That isn’t a bad thing… Especially if you are trying to cure a hangover! Overall, I really enjoyed the flavor, and can see the others being just as delicious. The lemon lime is coming up next!

Lemon Lime: It’s good, but not great. I wanted more intense citrus flavor, and honestly, if I didn’t know it was lemon lime, I might not know.

Spicy: I love spice, and this is spicy! This would pair nicely with food… Maybe Mexican food. See what I did there?

Liquid: The flavor is great. It reminds me a lot of Bloody Mary mix, but thinner. That isn’t a bad thing. Out of all the flavors, I honestly think I prefer the liquid best.

Past these four options, there are several recipes listed on their website. The Vanity Soother, Tequila Tropical, South Texas Twist and the Caramba! all sound delicious. Glad I’ve got some more mix to experiment with. This stuff is popular in Mexico, and the flavor is certainly unique. But I am glad that Don Chelada reached out, because I am a fan.

Oh, I almost forgot… This stuff also helps cure hangovers. I haven’t had the chance to try that… Yet. If you haven’t had a Michelada, grab some Don Chelada and give it a try. I think you’ll like it. Cheers!