Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Dave Pearce

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Dave Pearce

When Erin over at theoryX PR introduced me to Dave Pearce, I was surprised I had never heard of him. The song she was promoting is titled “Togetherness” and I couldn’t stop bobbing my head as I listened. In an effort to promote the new single, I begged for an interview. I didn’t know much about him before now, but am honored he took the time to sit and tell me more about his music. Guys, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Dave Pearce.

You just released “Togetherness.” Tell me more about that track and what you hope to accomplish with this release.
“Togetherness “is my new track on my label Delirium Records. It’s a driving trance progressive track – the little bit in the breakdown was inspired by seeing Eric Prydz play at Ultra Music Festival in Miami and the main trance parts are inspired by some of the tracks I was playing at Eden Ibiza a few years back. When it kicks back in, its that moment of “Togetherness” a crowd gets riding a track together.

What is Delirium?
Delirium is my record label. It started out as a trance night at Ministry of Sound in London, then I did a couple of upfront trance albums with Ministry called Delirium. Now I’m doing Delirium events again and am releasing new tracks on the label and a new album in July. Also I have the Delirium radio show, which is one hour each week of my favourite new electronic music – It’s also available as a podcast on iTunes and Mixcloud.

You are originally from London. There are some pretty big nightclubs in London. What are some of your favorite places to play in The Old Smoke?
I guess my two favourites are EggLondon (which is home to a fantastic night called Trance Sanctuary) – You are so close to the crowd you can hug and shake hands – it feels like being at a party. Also Ministry of Sound in London. I’ve played there many times and am back at Ministry this October. It has a great main room.

You have performed at Creamfields. What was that experience like?
I’ve played Creamfields a few times. They certainly have a great crowd and my set was broadcast on the UK radio station BBC Radio 1. They always have great lineups and it’s cool to see some of the other acts perform.

Tell me more about Nulife.
Nulife was the label I had in the early nineties. I ran it through BMG. We signed a lot of big tracks including Ian Van Dahl (“Castles in the Sky) and Rui da Silva (“Touch Me.”) One of my favourite memories was giving the Above and Beyond guys their first break, firstly under the guise Dirt Devils with a tune called “The Drill,” then later they played me the demo of Oceanlab’s “Satellite,” which we then finished and had a big result with that. I hooked up with the guys a few weeks ago and I’m so proud of how well they have done.

Where do you find inspiration for a new song?
The tracks I’ve done so far have all been inspired by vibes I’ve had while DJing. For instance, with the record Trance Sanctuary I wanted a feel similar to Mike Push’s early tunes and I think we managed to combine that with some hot new sounds. The new track I am working on has more of a groove. I had one of those days where I just wanted to keep everything on a flow. I haven’t though of a name for it yet but it’s one of those tracks that keeps you on the floor!

Folks can listen to your music on iTunes, SoundCloud and Mixcloud. What about Apple Music and Spotify? Are you on those platforms yet?
Yeah, everything will be on all platforms in the near future.

You are playing the Big Music Festival later this month. Are you excited for that performance?
I’m hosting my own stage there so, yes, excited about that! I have 8 festivals this summer and I’m so looking forward to playing them. I love playing trance to a big crowd – you get a real sense of “Togetherness” when everyone is feeling the breakdowns.

You play a lot of festivals. Do you prefer bigger crowds over smaller more intimate club performances?
They are both different experiences. Obviously when you see a big crowd go nuts then it’s a “hairs on the back of your neck” moment as a performer, however I’ve done some beautiful parties for just a couple of hundred people and had a real buzz off that too.

Tell me more about 90s Dance Anthems.
90s Dance Anthems is a 60-track album I released on Warner Music Group in January and we reached the UK top 10 dance charts. It picks some of my favourite tracks through the 90s with everything from early house by people like Crystal Waters and Armand Van Helden through to rave music from artists including The Prodigy and of course trance classics from Paul van Dyk and Faithless. The 90s were such an amazing decade for dance music and I was very lucky to DJ throughout the whole decade. It was truly awesome.

You have a mailing list on your website. How many times per month are you emailing your fans updates?
I don’t like to bombard people, so we only mail out when there is important stuff for them to hear about.

What’s next for Dave Pearce?
I have a new album coming at the end of July, which will have new trance tracks by some of my favourite artists. Also I have 3 tracks in the can and I’m looking forward to sharing those!

Thank you for doing this. In all of the interviews I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.
Thanks to everyone that has supported my music. I’m very excited about the new tracks coming follow me on Twitter and check my weekly Delirium show on my website.

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