All Hail The Silence Releasing Debut EP on Vinyl

All Hail The Silence Releasing Debut EP on Vinyl


Together as All Hail The Silence, GRAMMY®-nominated composer BT and triple-platinum British singer Christian Burns have forged a stellar EP that resonates with shimmering 80’s authenticity. Available exclusively on vinyl starting September 19, BT and Burns have quite literally crafted a debut that sounds like it fell straight out of 1983.

Awash in soaring vintage electronics, massive pop hooks and glittering analog warmth, this seasoned, timeless, ballsy synth-wave band blurs stylistic, demographic and musical boundaries as their heroes Depeche Mode, Yaz, Human League and New Order did in the 80s. With as much of hat tip to the past as the future, All Hail The Silence deliver a swan song of triumphant, unapologetic, pure analog electronic music that captures the essence and angst of 80’s teenage coming of age.

Without a computer in sight, the AHTS 001 EP was recorded in a basement in Baltimore, Maryland at an analog enthusiast’s palace of modular synthesizers. This is not a record of plugins and tape approximations. No computers were used in the recording. It was crafted using step sequencers and modular/analog synthesizers; straight to tape. The result of this collaboration is a heavy rotation EP awash in analog swagger. All hail the silence.

All Hail The Silence

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