Power Stik Fitness Routine

Power Stik Fitness Routine

The Power Stik can be used to improve and strengthen any person’s particular swing, as all golfers do not swing exactly the same.

Simply start by swinging the Power Stik in a slow, full swing motion. At the completion of your swing, merely let the weight of the clubhead start you into your next swing in a continuous motion without stopping. Try to do 10 swings in a row without stopping-concentrate on keeping your balance throughout each swing.

As you become loosened up, try to increase your swing speed as you compete each set of ten swings. Try to do four sets of 10 swings, resting briefly between each set. Try to do 4 sets in the morning and 4 in the evening.

You can just the number of swings to fit your exercise level – for example, only 5 swings per set instead of 10.

The Power Stik is meant to be used on a daily basis, but again you can vary your routing to every other day!

Benefits of the Power Stik

1. The Power Stik stretches and strengthens every muscle used in the golf swing.
2. The Power Stik improves your balance and tempo.
3. The Power Stik naturally produces an inside-out swing, which gets rid of your slice.
4. The Power Stik keeps your wrists in a cocked position longer, eliminating early release of the club-which translates to greater clubhead speed.
5. The weight of the head on a Power Stik forces you to transfer your weight to your left side for a more balanced swing.