Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Nadel Paris

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Nadel Paris

Sara Cooper PR represents some of the biggest names in dance music. I’ve been working with her over the years and when she introduced me to this artist, I was immediately impressed. This talent is a singer, songwriter, producer, author, actor… She does it all! She was also born in Paris, France, my favorite city on the planet. Needless to say, I was excited to learn more about this artist. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Nadel Paris.

You are a producer, songwriter, dancer, actor… Is there anything you can’t do?
Quantum physics! (Laughs.) I just love the craft. The key for me is to do anything I can to get better, on a daily basis. I get incredible guidance. My partner DJM busts my chops all the time to perfect my writing. Now there are two of those on my case, long time producer Christian B has blessed me with his constant constructive criticism as well! (Laughs.)

I am a perfectionist. When I sing, I sometimes do a couple of takes and everybody is pretty satisfied with the result. Sometimes I redo a part over and over until I’m happy with my performance. I drive everybody crazy, but I don’t give up until it’s there.

You are originally from Paris, France. I’ve been to Paris several times, but never for dance music. What is the nightlife like in the City of Lights?
They have awesome clubs where you can dance all night. Drink champagne out of a wine glass. Champagne glasses are not in anymore. Although I’m more a French Alpes water type of girl! (Laughs.) French men are extremely forward, which is not always a bad thing… But it’s tough to just hang out and have fun, sometimes. You try to stay polite and walk away. I want to play Le Bataclan for obvious reasons.

You recently released Freedom Remixes. Tell me more about that release and all of the names you worked with on that album.
These guys tuned out the weirdest, but best mixes! Oh my gosh, some of the club remixes with minimal vocals, huge drums, synth and bass and state of the art sounds, are just sick. Some made me happier as a producer, than as a singer, I might say. Those guys completely changed the sound on my vocals and turned some of the mixes into after hour London feasts! Other remixes made me sound like a sensuality driven maniac, (the Cynphonix remix for instance). People on Twitter caught the nastiness, but said good things, thankfully! Those DJs, brought in by Christian B, who knows where it’s at big time, are incredible!

Ray Rhodes, Cyphonix, Rick Cross, MoodyBoy, Paws and Filla – and I probably forgot someone. I am so blessed with such amazing DJs and producers willing to put their names on my work! Ray Rhodes has done remixes for Katy Perry, Gaga, JLO etc…with four No. 1 Billboard records, I can’t believe everything which has been happening! So grateful!

You have over 380k followers on Twitter. You are active on Facebook and YouTube, too. What is your favorite social network and why?
I do like Twitter and I know that I need to get involved more on Instagram. Like it or not, everybody is on social media. Twitter is a very effective way of sending a message, which a lot of people will see. I just tweeted about the interview that the amazing people on EDM Magazine were nice enough to give me. A few of thousand people RT and like instantly. I can’t wait to tweet about this interview! It’s all humbling and scary, because you want to be careful what you tweet.

You are spending a lot of time in LA right now. Compare LA to Paris. Are you getting a lot done while in California?
I live here! I love California. I lived in New York also and miss the all night clubbing, walking to your favorite grocery shop next door at 2:30 am. Let alone going to the last movie of the night at 1:30 am, etc… I don’t miss the cold! Paris is my hometown, so I don’t get as excited as other Americans do, going there. I still appreciate its beauty. I usually go there for short trips and hang out, so all good! Funny thing is that we are getting the records out in Europe and there should be radio, touring etc.. So, going there will involve a lot of work soon, quite likely. I’m ready!

I don’t see many upcoming shows on your website. Do you have a tour planned for this spring/summer?
There will be soon. Right now I’m performing at AVALON Hollywood in LA on Thursday, June 15 .I can’t wait!

Who are some of your biggest influences?
Gaga, Rihanna,, Beyoncé, Madonna. But I have to say that I also love music from the 60s/70s. I wish I had been around, then! Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix… I would have loved to hang out with those legends. Groovy! I also love different styles of music, like Chicago Blues Music. BB King etc…

Your mother was a Christian Dior model. Did she have any influence on the artist you are today?
My mom is very critical of my style. She loves to enquire upon why there are more holes in my jeans than material, for instance. But she can also be hip, somehow. She’ll see me in just a bra with a vegan jacket on and say, “Well, as long as you have the abs. But don’t be surprised when guys get all over your stuff!” –she pretends she is shocked but I think she digs it!

Your latest single went to No. 38 on Billboard. That is pretty impressive. Tell me more about the release and did you ever expect to see that much success this early in your career?
I expect nothing. I don’t because this way, you don’t get disappointed. I just work very hard. But since I love the craft, it’s just a lot of fun. When I got on the Dance Billboard thanks to Christian B and his label, I couldn’t believe it. I started getting tons of congratulations note on social media from everyone, and that really makes you feel like you must be doing something right. But you can’t get complaisant and relax. I play music and record regardless, because I love it. But it’s really cool that people are starting to take notice.

Dance music has changed a lot over the years. From techno to trance to house and dubstep, there are a lot of different genres of EDM. How do you define your style and what sort of dance music do you enjoy listening to?
I love EDM. And the different styles which have irrupted from it. What is incredibly rewarding working with remix DJs, is that your beat can be house in one instance but the next remix will be more Weho like. Then someone gets really dirty and you’re like, oh no you didn’t!

I listen to everything. The level of creativity for many top DJs is just ear-candy!

I totally enjoy mixing styles. I think that a dance mix, as per the vocals is best when you go completely opposite from what is expected. Let’s say the beat is EDM, but the vocals are R&B or blues… You know what I mean?

What’s next for Nadel Paris?
Everything. Bring it on! I am dying to tour. I just want to be on stage! I have two more songs being remixed! London Royal and Ooh La La La. I am dying to find out what everybody thinks.

In all of the interview I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.
Please God, let America stay the beautifully diversified country it’s always been. I love this country the Land of the Free, with all my heart. Please let us be powerful and give us strength to resist!

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