Gourmet Burgers & Dogs with Todd Brooks

Gourmet Burgers & Dogs with Todd Brooks

When we lived in Scottsdale, we know all the best places to eat and drink. We haven’t done much in Naples, but the other night Sheryl recommended we try Brooks Burgers, a burger joint for dinner. We went and they were closed! But they have multiple locations so we tried the one off 3rd Avenue.

There is a burger place in Scottsdale called REHAB BURGER THERAPY we love. Sheryl said this would be similar… It was! We walked in, the place was packed and the first burger I saw I ordered. It was called Donut Burger. Um… Yes, I will take that, please. Medium. It. Was. AMAZING! The bun was 2 glazed donuts and the burger was cooked to perfection. I snapped a photo of it and shared to my favorite social media channels. A few hours later Todd Brooks commented on my post on Facebook. Wait… THE Todd Brooks? Yep!

Todd and I exchanged a few messages and he agreed to an interview. Needless to say, I was excited to learn more about his restaurant and what he has planned for expansion. Also, why he decided to use donuts as a bun on a bacon cheeseburger. Glad he did… The burger was incredible! A guy cleaning dishes said, “Take half of that home. It is better in the morning.” He was right. It was! What an amazing dining experience. Without further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Todd Brooks.

We ate at the location in Naples off 3rd Ave. You also have a location in North Naples near The Ritz-Carlton, Naples. How do the two locations differ? Which location do you prefer?
The locations differ in size and interior design. While we have an aviation theme in the downtown location, our location in the Pavillion Plaza has an old school automotive theme. I love both locations but the downtown one is my first love…

Your menu is incredible. I ordered the Donut Burger. The Goober sounds amazing. The Fig & F.I.N.E., too. Where do you come up with ideas for cheeseburgers? Are you adding new menu items, or is the menu set?
I get inspiration from anywhere. Very often when we try different food i.e. Korean, Italian etc. whenever I like an ingredient I ask myself, “How could this be part of a burger?” We are constantly adding new items because we want to give our guests always something new to try out.

The service was great. How do you keep your staff motivated to provide such great customer service?
This is a family owned business and we treat not only our customers but also our staff like family. Trusting them and treating them right is what makes them go the extra mile for you. I have also great managers who are not only awesome in what they do but friends of mine who I trust 100%. Most of our employees have been with us for years. They truly feel like home at Brooks Burgers.

You offer sandwiches, too, but this is a burger joint! Hot dogs, too. I mean, “dogs” is in the name of the restaurant, after all! What are some of your other key menu items?
People love our Reuben sandwich and Naples/Chicago style hot dogs. They appreciate the big portions and quality ingredients! We are also know for our big beer selection and Todd’s famous half and half which is half beer half milkshake.

Tell me more about your milkshakes.
They are delicious. (Laughs.) We have our standard strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavors and then we have our special Todd’s famous half and half, any flavor combined with beer. Furthermore, we have special shakes like strawberry goat cheese which pretty much tastes like cheesecake!

You are originally from Kansas City. There is some good BBQ in Kansas City. Do you have any BBQ on the menu?
Not much yet but we are thinking on including it on our menu at our new location in East Naples opening at the end of January!

Any plans to add another location in SW Florida anytime soon?
East Naples coming at the end of this month!

Negative reviews are going to happen. How do you handle negative comments from your guests? By the way, I left you a great review on Google Maps!
THANK YOU! We are taking bad reviews or constructive critics very serious since customer satisfaction is our No. 1 goal. We respond online to any bad review in order to try to redeem ourselves and to show that we truly care about our customers feedback.

What is your favorite burger on the menu?
Sandra’s Hottie.

I order my burger medium. How do you like yours prepared?
Medium – Rare.

The Downtown Naples location is closed on Sundays. That seems like it would be a popular day. Why are you closed?
We have established back then with our staff to give them and us a break.

You were voted one of the Top 10 Burger Joints in the nation in 2014 and 2015. Tell me more about that recognition.
This happened due to the overwhelming amount of great reviews on TripAdvisor. Thanks to our customers who are showing their love and support through their shared experiences on TripAdvisor. This is what makes that recognition so special… No jury, just our customers who made this happen. No bigger reward for us than that.

My burger was cooked perfectly, but what happens if it isn’t? Can I send it back?
Of course! If something is wrong or missing let us know and we fix it on the spot! This is our satisfaction guarantee!

What’s next for Brooks Burgers?
We will see….