Moon River Brewing Company, the definitive Savannah Brewpub

Moon River Brewing Company, the definitive Savannah Brewpub

Every time I visit Savannah, I always seem to end up at Moon River Brewing Company. I always stay at The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa, and Moon River is a short ferry ride across the river. On this trip, I honestly didn’t plan on going, but the first night I got in, I couldn’t resist.

As you know, I rarely drink the same beer twice. Since I was here last tear, I figured they would have a few new beers on tap. They did, and I asked how many beers came in a flight. She replied, “10.” Whoa… I only wanted to try four of them. After sensing my disgust, she finally caved and said, “I can give you four.” She paused. “I can give you four samples, but I would have to charge you for four full beers.” I laughed out loud and ordered a full flight.

The beer list at Moon River is solid. They had a few core beers on tap, a few limited release beers and have won a lot of awards over the years. I ordered a flight and had the following beers:

  • Yoga Pants
  • Wild Wacky Wit
  • Swamp Fox
  • Captain’s Porter
  • The Bomb
  • Depravity or Divinity
  • Spring Tide
  • Cone of Uncertainty
  • Thought Slayer
  • Cliffs of Insanity

Moon River is in a great location and their team seems dialed in when it comes to styles and overall quality control. My buddy William commented his approval on Instagram, and based on the quality of beers he’s pumping out at Bury Me Brewing, that’s not a compliment to be taken lightly.

Another odd thing happened while I was there. I asked the hostess if she had been to Churchill’s GastroPub & Taphouse before. It is literally next door to Moon River and Miranda had recommended it to me. The lady commented, saying, “I’ve never been there, so I wouldn’t know.” She comes back a few minutes later and says, “My husband owns this place.” She said something else about loyalty, but I don’t remember what exactly she said to quote her.

I hadn’t planned on going to Moon River, but I’m glad I did. Found a few errors on Untappd, too, that I was able to fix. The next time you are in savannah, Georgia don’t miss a flight of beers at Moon River. From wheat ales and stouts to sours, regardless what style you like, you’ll find something here you will enjoy. Cheers!