Meetch & Josh Culture Release "I'll Be There"

Meetch & Josh Culture Release “I’ll Be There”

“She’s Your Dream Girl & Your Worst Nightmare”

Creativity is about the moment. From music, to film, to dancing, it’s all about the moment. Meetch and Josh Culture came together unbeknownst to what that moment would soon become. Meeting in downtown Los Angeles at Meetch’s studio, the creative chemistry was instantaneous.

From the strike of the first chord, to the hit of the first drum, “I’ll Be There” naturally wrote itself.

The song evolved from stripped down elements, to a full-fledged pop smash. Featuring an explosive horn section, upbeat EDM structures and smokey pop vocals, “I’ll Be There” is a perfect blend between Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, and Major Lazer. It’s the ultimate pop song for the spring summer season, that paints the picture of the California aspirations, and how one’s worst nightmare can manifest into a beautiful dream.