“Ricky was hired to present a social media presentation at the AMF Instructor Summit in Dallas, Texas. The seminar took place September, 2010 and was attended by over 100 leading golf instructors.

“The seminar started with a little intro and then we broke up into groups at our tables to discuss our current strategies with social media. After the group session we had a lengthy question and answer session with Ricky.

“Honestly, I am a social media junkie and had already met Ricky on Twitter. We had planned to meet face to face for the first time at the summit. Getting back to the question and answer session, Ricky was able to answer questions as an expert. The kind of answers that require no mental searching. He is so familiar with his area of expertise that he talks about it very clearly and powerfully.

“Social Media changes so quickly that to have someone like Ricky that is current with his information is so very impressive to me. He is kind and approachable. We spent a bunch of extra time talking about social media and he was content to let me bombard him with question after question. Not only did he answer them all but he answered them all in a way that motivated me to act. His passion for his subject matter is quite evident and contagious.

“I highly recommend Ricky as a social media consultant for the golf industry. More golf professionals need to start embracing some of this new media and Ricky is the guy to teach and guide them.”

John Graham
Director of Instruction
Webster Golf Club

“Ricky is a passionate, energetic person with great instincts and incredible vision. He is principled, thoughtful, and articulate, and he is a terrific asset to every team he’s on.

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Ricky on his blog, where he writes thoughtfully about an incredibly diverse array of topics. Additionally, Ricky has been a terrific resource for me when I dove into the world of SEO, making himself available to answer questions, explain the mechanics of search engines, website development, and underlying code. Finally, as a fellow technology fan, Ricky offers a unique perspective on developing technologies, social media networking, and changing internet standards.

“Working with Ricky is always a pleasure, and I look forward to continuing to partner with him in the future.”

Brad Titus
SEO Account Manager
Sequoia Technologies IMS

“Ricky was instrumental in training our staff in the social media venues, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. He is not just a subject matter expert he is a great facilitator. While we went through our training we asked many question, we were pleased when he had an answer for them all. We would recommend him to any of our colleagues. We all thank you at ProAccounting Talent.”

Robert Glidden
ProAccounting Talent, LLC.
1st  President

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ricky Potts since October 2008. During the past two years I have witnessed many qualities that would make Ricky an excellent addition to any team. I have worked on many projects with Ricky and I have seen a level of expertise and professionalism that makes me look forward to future projects with him. Ricky also has the ability to manage many projects and perform at an extremely high level.

“Ricky and the SEM (search engine marketing) team have worked on many projects together and the level of professionalism, intensity and unique thinking that Ricky brings to the table makes it very exciting to work with him. The projects that I have worked on with Ricky have challenged me both as a person and as a professional. He has the ability to look at the project and see what needs to be done and then take a step back and look at it in a way that I have never seen before. His ability to think outside the box are obvious. Any project that is assigned to him you can be rest assured that it will be done with his undivided attention. He has the ability to move from project to project and focus like none I have ever seen.

“Ricky’s ability to multi-task and manage many different responsibilities is amazing. At Ricky’s desk is a dry erase board with all of the projects that he is currently working on; I have never seen that board empty. He always stays busy and is always working on something. Whether it be content migration for a new website, updating clients Facebook and Twitter accounts, or working with co-workers with their own personal projects, Ricky is always available for questions and is always ready to help.

“With Ricky, you can know that any responsibility that you give him will be done at the best of his ability and he will have it done in a timely manner. Ricky has been a great co-worker the past two years and I know that whatever he puts his mind too, nothing will stand in his way of performing at the highest level.”

Evan Titus
SEM  Account Manager

“My experience working with Ricky stands as one of the most memorable periods in my college career. While the class we had together was outside both of our majors, it lasts as one of my greatest learning experiences in school. We were able to work together in a group setting on numerous projects, and each time it seemed he and I stood out among our peers. For our final project we worked together, and in this environment we thrived. We fed off each others ideas and produced the only 100% score, which speaks for itself. Ricky’s most obvious quality is his unwavering passion for excellence. Quite unhappy with anything less than remarkable, I was occasionally worn-out by his determination. Since graduating, I have witnessed some of his portfolio, both school related and in the professional world. It seems he has only progressed in his talents. Ricky’s ability to exceed, even while others succeed, is unmatched. His communication skills, technical fortitude, and professionalism, would become the crux of any workforce. I would suggest hiring managers have him in for a chat ASAP.”

Alan Deluce
Mechanical Engineer
Durkin & Villalta Partners Engineering