Is This a Trend?

So I posted a video not too long ago about a Chinese man that was trying to win a beat box competition. He did a few minute beat box skit and blew me out of my chair he was so good. Blake Lewis had nothing on this kid. But does it end there?

Not that this girl is better, or worse, than the Chinese kid, but she mixes vocals in with her beats. She also has a lot more variety in her beats. She mixes fast and slow and actually sounds as if she was a DJ spinning records.

But I want to know more about this competition. Who is hosting it? Where and when are the winners being announced? And are there more videos for this competition?

Come on Josh, give me some Google magic here. I want to see what you can come up with. And I sure as heck an going to start practicing my beat boxing.

OK, you are right, I won’t practice, but I wish I could do this and not spit all over the floor and sound like an idiot.