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DSW Rewards Program: Enjoy the Fabulous Benefits

DSW Rewards Program: Enjoy the Fabulous BenefitsDSW, one of my all time favorite shoe stores, now has a rewards program. I was in a few weeks ago shopping for a new pair of kicks, and was asked if I had my rewards card. I did not; as I had no idea they even had a rewards program. But was intrigued. I buy a couple of pairs of shoes there every month, so it made sense for me to be a member. Talk about saving money, the program is free to use.

Program Benefits

The more shoes you buy, the more shoes you get! It’s that simple. You receive a $10 coupon just for signing up. Then, every 1,500 points you earn, you get another $10 coupon. You will get 10 points per dollar on regular prices items, and 5 points per dollar on clearance prices items. I usually shop in the clearance section, but still, it’s a good deal.

Double Points!

Every year you’ll get two (that’s right, two) double points events. That’s twice the points on everything you buy. This means that you’ll earn rewards even faster! Make sure to check your local DSW location for more information as these events come before you even know it.

Happy Birthday Shoes!

We all have a birthday. Every year for your birthday DSW will send you a $5 birthday certificate. You can use this any time during your birthday month.

My DSW Rewards

This is one way to stay up to date with all the trends and all the events going on at your local DSW. You will get he latest scoop on memberships including your point’s balance, and certificate earnings. You also get the latest in fashion news and more. This is delivered right to your inbox every month! Your cashier will ask you for your email address the next time you are in.

Exclusive Offers

Can’t find what you want in the store? That’s okay; order online. As a rewards member you receive free shipping on qualifying orders, as well as special email offers and bonus points for certain qualifying events.

Points Tracking

If you have not done so already, you can register your account online at This is where you will find all the information you need regarding your account and account balance. You can even register online if you are reading this for the first time.

Terms & Conditions

Nothing comes without a few rules and regulations. This program has them too. So before you get all excited, make sure you read through these for all the fine print details.


This membership becomes active on the first date of yes in stores and on So n matter where you shop, it’s always legit. This rewards program is non-transferable and not permitted for commercial use.


Below you will find some more information regarding the points and the points structure for your DSW rewards program.

  • Valid for 24 months from the date you registered your account
  • Valid for purchases made in stores and on
  • Points earned at will be applied when item is shipped
  • Points balance can be verified at
  • Have no cash value and non-transferable
  • Cannot be earned for the purchase of DSW gift cares or sales tax
  • Will be deducted for all returns

Rewards Certificates

Below you will find more information on your actual rewards certificates.

  • Valid for purchases made in stores or on
  • Arrive in 3-4 weeks
  • Valid for 180 days from the date of issue
  • Not valid toward the purchase of DSW gift cars
  • Cannot be reissues if lost, stolen, or expired

Privacy Statement

Your information will be handled according to DSW, Inc. Privacy Policy, which is also posted at

Terms & Conditions Statement

By becoming a member of the DSW Rewards program, you agree to the Terms & Conditions of this project. This program may at any time be terminated or modified without further obligation. Visit for the complete Terms & Conditions.

That’s all there is to it. I hope that last part didn’t scare you. I love to buy shoes, and the more shows you buy at DSW, the more you save. I just bought a pair this weekend and used one of my $10 coupons. It does help make the buying process that much easier. Don’t forget to check out their clearance section, too. There are always some great deals back there!


  1. MR
    Thursday, October, 18, 2012

    I’ve found DSW’s rewards program to be none too user-friendly. I made a purchase for over $200 in the store yesterday and inquired about whether I was due for any rewards — the clerk said “No, you just have a 15-point balance.” Now, I spend lots of money at DSW, and I’ve never redeemed any rewards points, so that sounded wrong. But there was a line of people waiting behind me and I didn’t want to hold them up, so I completed checkout and figured I would follow up with customer service.

    My email to customer service got a reply from someone at Shoephoria (so I guess they outsource the program) saying that I do have two $10-dollar rewards waiting for me. They gave no explanation as to why the store would not have been able to get this information. And they say they can not credit my purchase from yesterday, and customer service is somehow online-only and can not communicate with the actual store about my problem. So I’ve been told to call the store manager and beg for the rewards that I earned.

    It’s all very frustrating, and seems that the program is not designed to make managing and redeeming rewards easy for the customer — if anything, it is the opposite, and they are hoping people will not use their rewards. Seems silly over $10.

    As a shoe love with large feet, DSW is one of my only options. But luckily Nordstrom Rack also carries a decent selection in my size — I will look to spend more of my money there, and less at DSW.

    • jenna
      Sunday, November, 24, 2013

      You know that most dsw stores will take the expired ones just not the promotional ones like $20 off of $49. We always encourge you to use them. Also any dsw will take certificites you left at home with the receipt and do a price adjustment.

  2. cliff claven
    Sunday, February, 10, 2013

    You could explain it further by saying a $100 shoe purchase will get you 1/8 of the way to a $10 certificate. Or something to that effect.

    • BryanT
      Wednesday, March, 20, 2013

      1/8 of the way there? did you not read the article?

      You receive a $10 coupon just for signing up*
      1500 /10 = $150 this 100 dollars would get you 2/3rds of the way there (Non-Clerance)

  3. simin
    Saturday, May, 24, 2014

    hi every body I live in Iran ,by the way I really loved DSW Shoes,in oyr city Shiraz we have such a store name Danam .

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