Top 38 Golf-Specific Twitter Accounts to Follow

Top 38 Golf-Specific Twitter Accounts to Follow

This is a guest blog post from Zeb Welborn, Owner, Welborn Media.

On January 6, 2015 I started #GolfChat. #GolfChat happens every Tuesday at 5pm PST and every Tuesday night #GolfChat gets bigger and better.

I joined Twitter in September of 2010 to grow my tutoring business, The Tutoring Solution. I began handling the social media presence for my local golf course in 2011 and quickly used Twitter to connect with other golfers like myself.

Since starting to use social media for golf courses, Twitter has been an amazing tool to reach out to fellow golf fanatics and share my passion for this great game, learn from others and have a lot of fun along the way.

My social media business for golf courses, 19th Hole Media, has given me the opportunity to stay connected and involved with golf enthusiasts across the country on many social sites, including Twitter.

One such connection was with @rickyleepotts, Digital Communications Manager for Troon Golf, owner of the Google+ GOLF Community, blogger for Relentless Beats, beer snob, music fanatic, avid golfer and runner!, as his Twitter profile indicates.

Since meeting Ricky through his Google+ Golf Community, Twitter, various social media outlets, and in person, we’ve become friends. Twitter has given me the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals like Ricky, who are passionate, friendly and are doing everything they can to grow this wonderful game.

I’ve appeared on his Friday Foursome which takes place every Friday on YouTube and have even had Ricky on as a guest for the Defining Success Podcast, Episode 102: Passionate Blogging Leads to Success | Ricky Potts.

Since then, I’ve only grown fonder of Ricky and what he is doing to help grow golf. One of the main points I make in my book, The Social Golf Course: Increasing Rounds with Social Media, is the need for golf courses to use social media to help grow and promote golf. I’m glad Ricky is around to connect golfers to this great and wonderful game.

It is my mission to help golf courses grow by using social media effectively to bring more people into the game and help others share their love for the sport. While, in general, golf has been slow to innovate and use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, many in the golf community like Ricky and Troon Golf have embraced it.

To help make it easier for golfers to connect with one another I asked Ricky if he’d be interested in sharing my list of golf Twitter accounts to follow in 2015.

When creating a list like this there are many factors to consider. But, because I’d rather be golfing, I made it easy on myself. Here’s my criteria:

  • As someone who has been engaging and interacting with golfers on Twitter daily since 2011, I needed to already be connected to these accounts.
  • I decided to focus on the golf industry so there won’t be any golf courses or golf course management companies.
  • No account was included if they had more accounts they were following than followers. Typically, accounts that build followers by following other accounts usually follow more accounts than follow them, meaning their follow numbers are artificially high.
  • Every account had to have over 2,000 followers, the cap that Twitter places on the amount of Twitter users you can follow until you have that many followers yourself.
  • They used Twitter within the past 24 hours of me writing this post. I wanted to make sure all Twitter accounts would be relevant golf Twitter accounts to follow in 2015.

Here’s my list:

And of course, follow me, @ZebWelborn.

Want to get more involved on Twitter? Want to be on this list? Want to learn, discuss and share more golf in 2015?

Be sure to follow me and join in on the #golf discussion taking place every minute on Twitter.

A great place to start is with the newly-created Twitter Chat – #GolfChat. Jump in the conversation every Tuesday from 5pm to 6pm PST for #GolfChat. #GolfChat is THE weekly Twitter discussion on golf.

Want to participate in #GolfChat. If you’ve never done a Twitter chat before you can read my article, How to Participate in #GolfChat to learn how. If you want to see more golfers to follow in 2015 check out my article, My Top 82 Golf Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2015.

What do you think of my list? Did I miss anyone? What’s your Twitter handle? Comment below and have an amazing 2015! Don’t lay up and hit the ball as hard as you can.