Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Stefano Pain

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Stefano Pain

I always love it when Unfolded PR sends me a new release. Last week I got the chance to hear a new single from Stefano Pain titled “Fugitive” out now on Protocol Recordings. I really enjoyed the song and got the chance to hear a few more of his songs before I requested an interview. He was happy to do it and I was excited to learn more about this up and comer. The more I listen to this guy, the more I like him! It is my pleasure to introduce you to Stefano Pain.

I am really digging your new single “Fugitive.” Tell me more about that release.
Thank you for your appreciation! When I started to produce this song, I wanted to go back to my roots creating a sound that was closer to my musical style. I tried to produce a track with old school house music elements, vocal melodies, together with synth pianos that create the perfect sound for nowadays clubs, festivals and radio shows.

Who did the lyrics on that track?
I worked for the lyrics together with my staff management Virus T Studio in order to create the melodic line. Mike James managed the vocals.

What was it like working with Protocol Recordings?
It was a big honour being part of Protocol and release catalogue, I think it’s a prestigious label in the international scene and I am very proud to be included in their family.

Who are some of your biggest influences?
I always loved the late 80s and 90s house music. I followed David Morales, Erick Morillo, Roger Sanchez, Frankie Knuckles, Masters At Work and other legends that made history and influenced the music scene. I tried to develop these music styles in the present time, taking inspiration from Swedish House Mafia, Nicky Romero and more artists who use in their productions. the right combination between melodies and powerful grooves.

Some of the biggest names in dance music have supported you over the years… Guys like Fedde Le Grand and Hardwell. What does gaining support like that mean to you as a DJ and do these guys reach out to you letting you know they are going to support you, or do you find out after the fact?
I really appreciate that these big names support my work! Sometimes they reach out to me personally, expressing their support, other times, I discover it through the web, for example in or listening to their radio shows!

You are from and reside in Italy. What is the dance music scene like there?
I’ve been working in several Italian clubs for years, and also played in many festivals. Clubs give you a more intimate feeling with the crowd; festivals give you the unique emotion of playing in front of thousands of people with big lights and videos show and a totally different atmosphere. At the moment in Italy I think that there isn’t a mainstream genre, but many different formats and kind of clubs and festivals. Nowadays the main sound played in Italy is a mix of pop, dance, reggaeton and urban music.

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?
I really loved being at Ultra Music Festival and Tomorrowland, two of the best concerts I’ve ever been to and no wonder, the most famous in the world. I also loved playing in Ukrainian festivals, at Nikki Beach party in Miami, at the crazy nights for Amnesia in Ibiza…

You are a DJ, but you are also a remixer. How do you decide what song to remix next and what is your remix process like?
Yes, I’m both a DJ and remixer so when I am given a remix to do, at first, in order to accept the work, I should like the project and it must be suitable with my sound. Then I start to study the original track and I add my distinctive features, trying to keep the main key elements of the original project not to distorting it.

It seems every DJ has a podcast. Tell me more about the Bootylicious Radio Show.
Bootylicious is the name of my label, so I decided to give this name to my radio show, too. This appointment is a good opportunity to me to share my new projects or my personal music selection, and it’s also a good way to create a “support network” between artists.

It doesn’t look like you have any shows coming up this summer… Any plans for a tour this fall?
I now have the summer full! Until now I played in many Italian regions including Sardinia, Liguria (north Italy) and Calabria (south Italy) then my summer tour will include many dates through Italy again like in Riccione at Samsara Beach, Porto Cervo (Sardinia) at Sottovento Club, in S.Teodoro at LUNA GLAM CLUB, in Bergamo at Lifeword Festival, in Gallipoli (Puglia) at Riobo Discoteca, in Desenzano del Garda at Coco Beach, in Brescia at Number One and also in Formentera at Club Tipic. Give a look my official social networks! For this fall me and my staff are planning for an amazing brand new tour!

A lot of big names are on the DJ Mag Top 100, but most that I listen to aren’t! Do you pay much attention to that list and does it mean much to a DJ that isn’t on the list?
I read it and I know that is important for the names who are in, especially for their market, but personally I don’t give lot of relevance only to this chart, but to many others as I have sometimes different preferences that not always correspond to the DJ Mag Top 100 chart.

What’s next for Stefano Pain?
I have a fabulous summer tour coming up, new projects for the near future such as new productions and collaborations, a work in progress winter tour like I mention you before, and some holidays, too!

In all of the interviews I always give the artist the last word. Go.
I’d like to thank you for this interview and support for “Fugitive.” To all of my followers, stay tuned to my official social media channels listed below!

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